Biyo “Moments”

“Moments” was released by Biyo in April of 2017.

Kaby “Eatin’ Good”

HERE (Holistic Ear Remedies Etc.) by KABY Produced by Nathan Zensen, “Eatin’ Good” was released in 2013 on Kaby’s HERE (Holistic Ear Remedies Etc.) LP.

Jon Santana “Time Again”

“As a producer I like to make around 2-3 tracks a week in order to keep my library full for potential artists. ‘Time Again’ was a track I…

Hammock “Breathturn” Video

“People that like us are either in bands or are going to start bands, and that’s about it.” —Hammock’s Marc Byrd, via the Nashville Scene “Breathturn” by Hammock…

Across Tundras “Ramblin’ in the Shadows”

“Guitars are echoey, melancholy, chiming things on these long, rambling songs. The drums are shambling and loud, while the vocals are buried in the mix, seemingly coming from…

Hellbender “King of Currumpaw”

Second Sight by Hellbender “King of Currumpaw” is the lead track on from the Second Sight LP, released in June of 2013 by Hellbender (Joey Allred, Witties Villa,…


Produced by Evan Blocker, “PROUD” was released by PETTY in June of 2017.

Don S. “25”

“25” is the lead track from the Born Day 25 Pack EP, released in June of 207 by Don S.

REMMI “Awake, Asleep” Video

“Art is about being inspired; if the art inspires others and makes them want to explore the world and be better people, it’s ridiculous to say it’s not…

PHANGS feat. R.LUM.R “Always Been U”

“R.LUM.R is the representation of everything I am at his point… Growing up, I was always made to be ashamed of myself about being who I wanted to…

Lawndry “Versailles”

Tumble Dry by Lawndry “Versailles” is the lead track from Lawndry’s Tumble Dry EP, released in October of 2016 via Cold Lunch Records.

Savoy Motel “Sorry People” Video

“Savoy Motel is defined more by a feeling than a sound.” —Guitarist Dillon Watson “Sorry People” is from Savoy Motel’s self-titled LP, released in 2016 via What’s Your…

Bully “I Remember” Video

“Sometimes, I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I’m OK with putting this out’… I’m a lot more sensitive than I would like to be, but when I can…

Cheap Time “Another Time” Video

“As run and gun as it gets! Had about an hour and half to shoot the around the bar footage. Those guys had just arrived from a long…

Kevin Kendall

“I always half-assed doing something in those first seven years,” says Kevin Kendall, reflecting on his time in Nashville prior to relocating to South Western Mexico in 2014….

Natural Child “Firewater Liquor” Video

“Mixing barrelhouse rockers with tear-in-your-beer balladry in a delightfully druggy haze, Natural Child has fashioned ‘Wolves’ into a Flying Burrito Brothers record with the production of ‘Goats Head…

Whissell “Legs Crossed”

“’Legs Crossed’ is about empowering people in relationships to speak up when something is wrong. Communication is such a powerful tool, and we often forget to use it….

Super Duper “Don’t Worry”

Super Duper’s “Don’t Worry” was released on Sessions: Volume One in September of 2015 by Vitalic Noise.