villin weekly: December 18-24

Sam Locke Ward Playlist

villin weekly features music from artists playing shows around Iowa, in addition to some of the best new music from the state’s local and homegrown talent. (Cover photo: Sam Locke Ward)

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Holiday Innards Gabes Iowa City

SLW cc Watt “Lost to Time”

Holiday Innards, Sam Locke Ward, Instand DeTh, and Aubrey Yates will be performing Friday, December 22 at Gabe’s in Iowa City.

Instant DeTh “Game”

Holiday Innards “One Foot Out”

Screamin J Maggies Rumble Room Des Moines

Screamin’ J “Pills”

Screamin’ J and (The) Medicine Theory will be performing (a free show!) Saturday, December 23 at Maggie’s Rumble Room in Des Moines.

Glitter Density xBk Des Moines

The Book of Bugs “2:12 AM”

Glitter Density will be reuniting for a show with the Book of Bugs Thursday, December 21 at xBk Live in Des Moines.

Glitter Density “Woah!”

Queercore Des Moines Iowa

Allegra Hernandez “Pulley Gift Exchange”

Allegra Hernandez will be performing with DJ Jacqueline Hyde Saturday, December 23 at xBk Live in Des Moines.

Jordan Mayland Synthmas Des Moines

Jordan Mayland “Lie Detector”

Jordan Mayland is leading a large cast of talent for Merry Synthmas Thursday, December 21 at the LiFT in Des Moines, featuring Electronidoll, Aaron Knight, Trent Derby, Ben Dixon, Annie Kemble, Chris Lachky, Lisa Burner, Chris Marshall, Josh Kaufman, and more (?!).

Annie Kemble “Heat Stroke”

Naughts “Again”

“Again” is taken from the recently released EP 1 from Naughts.

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