villin weekly: January 1-7

Johnny Marz Iowa

villin weekly features music from artists playing shows around Iowa, in addition to some of the best new music from the state’s local and homegrown talent. (Cover photo: Johnny Marz)

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Johnny Marz Nostalgia

Johnny Marz “New Confidence”
Gifo “Tears”
$penny “NOT ENOUGH”
GENIE “Checkin Out”

Johnny Marz, Gifo, $penny, Reno, Genie, Levy, and Basi will be performing Saturday, January 6 at Teehee’s Comedy Club in Des Moines.

Astrachan “Emerald”
Bella Moss “Sudden Strangers”

Astrachan and Bella Moss will be performing Saturday, January 6 at the Fox Den Motel in Dubuque.

Genvieve Gros-Louis xBk Des Moines

Sara Routh “Evelyn”
Geneviève Gros-Louis “The Duel”

Geneviève Gros-Louis will be performing Friday, January 5 at xBk Live in Des Moines, along with Dueling Fiddles, Sara Routh, Lani, Danny Grause, and special guests .

Jammin’ Alone “Birch Tree v2”

“Birch Free v2” is from the two song A Side B Side release by Des Moines MC Jammin’ Alone.

Tdagod feat. Hariq “Boogeyman”

“Boogeyman” is from Tdagod’s new 10 track album Bond Money & Lawyer Fees.

For more of what’s going on around Iowa, here’s a selection recent articles, photos, reviews, and other coverage from around the state:

On this past week’s Iowa Basement Tapes, Kristian Day played music from Doppelganger, Clarisse, Captain Three Leg, and more. Listen and subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

For more local music, check out the Iowa Musician’s Project, where Kelly Plumber continues to document the scene’s history on Facebook and Instagram.

And to close out the year I’ve got something a little different here. A few weeks back I was asked if I could share some sort of year-end best-of list for Little Village Magazine. I took things in a slightly different direction, offering up a selection of songs that have helped re-shape my view of the state’s music scene this past year. LV was gracious enough to run with the idea, and to supplement the print version I thought it’d be cool to share the extended article in audio form. Listen to that via Spotify: