the villin mix: Bully, Deafheaven & More

Bully Band Spotify Playlist

the villin mix features music from artists playing shows around Iowa, in addition to the best new music from the state’s local and homegrown talent. Here’s what’s on tap for this edition, covering September 11 – September 17, 2023. (Cover photo: Bully.)

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Bully “All I Do”

In reviewing Bully’s most recent release, Lucky For You, for Stereogum, James Rettig wrote, “The churn of ’90s nostalgia is seemingly endless, but Bully has established itself as one of the most rewarding projects amid the scrum.” This new album, writes Peyton Thomas for Pitchfork, finds a shift of “sound into the territory of radio-friendly Y2K pop-rock pastiche.” Bully will be performing Thursday, September 14 at The Raccoon Motel in Davenport.

Miss Christine Guss Royall Octopus Cedar Falls

Miss Christine “My Brain”

Guss Royall “Castle”

Miss Christine and Guss Royall will be playing Octopus Friday, September 15 in Cedar Falls.

Brother Trucker Local Bands, Brews and Bikes Des Moines

Brother Trucker “I Like It”

Brother Trucker will be playing the Local Bands, Brews and Bikes show Sunday, September 17 at Water Works Park (near the Lauridsen Amphitheater).

The Velies “Tonight”

The Velies will be playing this week’s Common Chord Live at 5: Free Summer Concert Series, which goes down Friday, September 15 at the Skybridge Courtyard in Davenport.

Jeff Schipull “Rainbows and Blowjobs”

Jeff Schipull will be playing The Angry Irishmen Friday, September 15 in Ames.

Ali Sperry “Excuses”

Ali Sperry will be playing CSPS Hall Thursday, September 14 in Cedar Rapids.

Wxlley “Bussin”

In connecting with Wxlley, he discussed the origins of the track and the purpose behind its creation, noting that he used it as a way to check in with himself to see if he could remain creative without the inclusion of substances in his process. Read more about the track’s creation and the story behind “Bussin” here.

Montana of 300 “Ice Cream Truck”

Montana of 300 will be performing Thursday, September 14 at Gabe’s in Iowa City.

Iowa City 50 Years Hip-Hop

MC Anomosity & DJ Johnny Sixx “Smoking Roaches”

MC Animosity and DJ Johnny Sixx will be part of a large lineup commemorating 50 Years of Hip-Hop with a Friday, September 15 performance at the Englert Theater in Iowa City. The list of performers also includes DJ XXL (aka Jugla Vein) , B-Tho, Felix Thunda, Ion, Shakes, and Sons of Mack, among others.

Keegan Konsor “Seasick”

“Seasick” was released on Keegan Konsor’s recent nine-track album titled Kink in the Wire.

Adia Victoria “Magnolia Blues”

Adia Victoria will be opening for Rhiannon Giddens Wednesday, September 13 at the Hancher Auditorium in Iowa City.

Magic AL and Viv & Riley feat. Sumbuck “Hello”

Viv & Riley (Vivian Leva and Riley Cacagno) will be playing CSPS Hall Saturday, September 16 in Cedar Rapids.

Halfloves Wave Cage Ahzia Gabes Iowa City

Halfloves “Bass Drum”

Halfloves, Wave Cage, and Ahzia will be playing Gabe’s Friday, September 15 in Iowa City.

Drowning Life Display Case Boggs Hull Tavern Des Moines

Display Case “Redacted”

Display Case will be performing along with Drowning Life, Manhattan Blockade, Heir of Sorrow, Archives & MUTT IA Friday, September 15 at Bogg’s Hull Avenue Tavern in Des Moines.

Dayseeker Capitol Theatre Davenport

Dayseeker “Without Me”

Dayseeker will be performing Wednesday, September 13 at the Capitol Theatre in Davenport, with Silent Planet & Moxy The Band supporting.

Deafheaven Glass Ox Woolys Des Moines

Glass Ox “Fire and Hate”

Deafheaven “Dream House”

Deafheaven will be performing Thursday, September 14 at Wooly’s in Des Moines, with Glass Ox supporting.

Phantom Threat “Cast for Corpse Duty”

“Cast for Corpse Duty” is the lead track from Phantom Threat’s new Born Ov Bestial Seed EP, recorded at Flat Black Studios.

Summoner’s Circle “Chaos Vector”

The From Beyond Tour, featuring Summoner’s Circle and Eshtadur, will touch down at Lefty’s on Monday, September 11 in Des Moines.

Elsewhere, here are some links from the past week featuring articles, reviews, shows, and other music coverage from around the state:

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