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May 2022 Update:

1) The BlackSon “My First Song” (produced by AB Eastwood, video by BrianKBui)
2) Gee Slab “On Me” (produced by AB Eastwood, video by all3Y3Z)
3) L’Orange & Namir Blade “Corner Store Scandal” (video by Joel Davis)
4) Virghost “Better View” (produced by KLAE Beats, video by Ice Breaking Films)
5) Sincere feat. Polo “Do It Big” (produced by CutThroatKid, video by CakeMaster)
6) Derek Minor (fka PRo) “Get Up” (produced by Chinky P & Frank Dukes/Sarah J, video by Marco “Oracle” Villalobos)
7) kidDead “Cave Paintings” (produced by OneWerd, video by Emerson Kyle)
8) King Hoody “Got a Lot” (video by 3AM)
9) Ducko McFli feat. Rio “Used To Say” (video by XKLusive Access)
10) MiaReona “Still Around” (video by Ari B)
11) Kaby “French Goodbye” (video by Elise Lacret)
12) Kiya Lacey feat. Bryant Taylorr “Like That” (produced by Jack Keller, video by Kosh)
13) 615 Exclusive feat. Blasian Nechelle “Wish You Well” (video by ZW Imaging)
14) DineroGold “Notice Me” (video by BornwinnerBj)
15) Lil Baby Jesus “Str8 Flexing” (video by EAzY Entertainment)
16) Weston “Loose Change (remix)” (video by Jah Frida)
17) Tim Gent “Time Management” (produced by RMurBeats, video by ChildishArt)
18) Ron Obasi “THISALAYUP” (video by Halv)
19) Case Arnold feat. The BlackSon “Miseducated” (produced by GATES, video by THiRD I MEDiA x all3Y3Z x Sky Sims)
20) Jordan Xx feat. Chuck Indigo “ILLUH” (video by Seck)
21) Mike Floss “Freak of the Week” (video by Nigel Callisto Pelligree of Altru Creative)
22) $avvy “GROWNMAN” (video by TRUSIIFUU)
23) $hrames feat. Demo, Jordan Xx, Jyou & K.O.N “SMACKDOWN VS. RAW” (video by 615Films)
24) 100kTucc “Gleo Flow” (video by Phat Talk & BornwinnerBj)
25) Dee Goodz “Feel Like” (produced by Matic Lee, video by HYdef Imaging)
26) Quez Cantrell feat. Y Lee “Creepin’ At My Window” (video by all3Y3Z)
27) Starlito & Don Trip “Untitled No Hook” (produced by D.O. Speaks & Street Symphony, video by Charles M. Robinson)
28) OGTHAGAWD “LA HILLS” (produced by Josephfiend, video by THiRD I MEDiA)
29) Trapperman Dale “Carpe Diem” (video by Westmadeishy)
30) Jyou “G.L.C” (video by Jordan Young & Brent Jackson)
31) Nathan Fouts “Who Are You” (video by Bryce T, Stuart S & Vid.Ken)

April 2022 Updates:

1) Ron Obasi “VILLELIKEMOOKIE” (produced by Reaux Marquez, video by HALV)
2) Six One Tribe “10,000 Hours” (produced by JustVIBEZ, video by all3Y3Z)
3) Dee $ouf “Fried Rice” (produced by Burm, video by 4th Quarter Studios)
4) Kaby & the BlackSon “B.D.E.” (video by BeShootin)
5) Tim Gent “1993 (The Prequel)” (video by Devo B)
6) Nathan Fouts “Things You Do” (produced by P. Soul, video by Bryce Thwaits)
7) Bryant Taylor feat. Tim Gent “Space Boots” (produced by A.B. Eastwood, video by Brantley Neal)
8) YesIWill “Chameleon” (video by 47.jpeg)
9) Life in the Front Seat “Stay Sharp” (produced by Swamp Light, video by Tristan McNatt)
10) BZRK “Now I’m Good” (video by Seth Graves)
11) Namir Blade “Space Ghost” (video by Joel Davis)
12) Gee Slab “Cosa Nostra” (video by all3Y3Z)
13) Foundation Mecca “Radar” (produced by adrianTbass, video by Luan Seguim/Auto Focus Studios)
14) Ronin Black “Kings Field” (video by Virtual Hug, Ronin Black & Unhappy Hank)
15) BeHoward “God Want Us To Ball” (produced by Nasty Nyse, video by Jadaun Sweet)
16) Lil Vac “Moment of Truth” (produced by Fate Eastwood, video by Charles M. Robinson)
17) Da Real A1yo feat. FU Stan “No Days Off”
18) Jody Joe “Hooper” (produced by $hrames, video by payrollp)
19) Jelly Roll feat. KDSML “Bring it Back” (video by John Harness & Bo Ibbotson)
20) Trapperman Dale feat. Starlito “For the High” (produced by Bandplay, video by Deon White, filmed at Sky High Gardens)
21) Pistol “Life of a Playa” (video by Curtis Hawk)
22) litkaby. “I Don’t Know” (video by Kelly Hite)
23) iNTRO “THIRD PARTY” (video by Seck)
24) DineroGold “Blow Off Pain (Religion)” (video by Digital Vell)
25) Young Quael feat. FU Stan & Destine’ “Wasting My Time” (video by Street Fame Films)
26) Rashad thaPoet feat. AyyWillé & Summer “Rain” (video by Lo and Rashad thaPoet)
27) K.I.N.G. the MC “Dear Mama” (video by all3Y3Z)
28) Weston “Daffodils” (produced by Don Bates, video by Don Bates)
29) Case Arnold “6am” (produced by Drummieee)
30) Sofa Brown “Serengeti” (produced by Evan Blocker, video by Evan Blocker)

March 2022 Updates:

1) Ronin Black “Gehenna” (produced by Unhappy Hank, video by ATM, Jacky Dang, Ronin
2) Derek Minor feat. Deraj & Byron Juane “Astronaut” (produced by DJ Pez & OnBeatMusic, directed by Caleb Natale)
3) Six One Tribe “When We Rise” (produced by Draco Dayve & Aaron Dethrage)
4) Trapperman Dale “Eat Right” (produced by Bandplay, video by Marcus Harris & Deon White)
5) Chuck Indigo “UGLY” (video by Seck)
6) Hew G. feat. JF “The Fences” (video by Carson Butcher)
7) Sofa Brown & Evan Blocker “Out Here Boys” (video by Devo B.)
8) Brian Brown feat. Reaux Marquez “Runnin’” (produced by Black Metaphor, video by Josh Nachoz)
9) $avvy “Zack & Cody” (video by Josh Nachoz, photos by trusiifuu)
10) Amerigo Gazaway “C.R.E.A.M. (Wu-Tang Clan cover)”
11) L’Orange & Namir Blade “Imaginary Everything” (video by SPELLWRKS)
12) Starlito “Money Cacti” (video by McCain Merren)
13) ViB, Lord Goldie & Foundation Mecca “Sunday Funday” (produced by NIKUS, directed by Auto Focus Studios)
14) The BlackSon feat. Brian Brown “Allan Houston” (video by FreeLunch & MoonPresents)
15) K.O.N “Music Blasting” (directed by Darrell Green)
16) Mike Floss “Dopeboy Dreaming” (produced by Ducko McFli, video by Daniel Henry)
17) Dee Goodz “Goin Legit”
18) Yours Truly, Jai “Time” (video by Seck)
19) Bryant Taylorr “Pretty Women” (video by Keniece & Brantley Neal)
20) Jordan XX “Highs N Lows” (video by Seck)
21) SeddyMac “More Of That” (produced by AYODLO, video by ALYX)
22) FU Stan “Lock Down” (video by Ore Aweda)
23) Jody Joe “All Blues” (produced by $hrames, directed by payrollp)
24) Geronimo Flair feat. & SauceTheDon “Blinkers” (produced by $hrames, video by Seck)
25) Daisha McBride “Bounce Back” (video by The Vision)
26) Young Buck “Get Buck” (produced by Polow Da Don)
27) 2’Live Bre “You Own This” (produced by Black Mayo & Kevin Essett II, video by Just Produce Hy Def)
28) Imari Sensei “Drift”
29) Case Arnold feat. PETTY “Life (The Way it Goes)” (produced by HD, video by Devo)
30) Mr. Ahmad Rashad feat. Squikee “Play ’em Off” (produced by Johnny Mo and the Crazy 88’s, video by King Thai)
31) Fyütch feat. PETTY “Catch Me Cruisin’” (produced by Boba Sweat, video by Wesley Crutcher)

February 2022 Updates:

1) Namir Blade “The Holy Mountain” (directed by Joel Davis)
2) Willie Dustice “follow thr” (directed by Augusta Smith)
3) Kaby & Brian Brown “Showstopper” (produced by Ohdee, directed by all3Y3Z & BeShootin)
4) FMF TY “Crossed Me” (directed by Ice Breaking Films)
5) OGTHAGAWD “740 Degrees” (produced by Josephfiend, directed by Country Cousins & BeShootin)
6) Negro Justice feat. JukeBx “Dutch Masters Thesis” (produced by Cal Cuttah, directed by all3Y3Z)
7) Gee Slab “Crime Syndicate” (directed by all3Y3Z, styled by Auntie Jo)
8) Trapperman Dale feat. Don Trip “Emotions” (directed by Marcus Harris)
9) VibeOut. “New Day” (directed by CINEphewmatic Films)
10) Virghost “Biggie Freestyle” (directed by Ice Breaking Films)
11) Weston “The Original Version”
12) Brian Brown “Flava” (produced by Sir Illington, directed by SECK)
13) Ron Obasi “Dreamer SZN” (produced by Elements, directed by SECK)
14) DineroGold feat. Pedro “Knew They Would” (directed by BornwinnerBj)
15) Jyou feat. Yours Truly, Jai “Favor” (directed by Brent Jackson)
16) Milly Roze “Connections” (directed by Cakemaster)
17) Daisha McBride “Nerve” (produced by Sci-Fy & Big Bruno, directed by Ross Bustin)
18) Brassfingerz feat. Lee Lee Stylz “Look Momma” (directed by Ore Aweda)
19) Ducko McFli feat. DJ Rate “The World” (produced by Black Metaphor, directed by Xclusive Access)
20) B. Stokes “Good Luck” (directed by Ore Aweda)
21) Starlito & Don Trip “Yeah 5x” (produced by Greedy Money, directed by Charles M. Robinson)
22) Mike Floss “Take Yours” (produced by Syk Sense & Ducko McFli)
23) Kxng Klxpsy “Weary Blues of the Fearless Few” (produced by Caveman the Wise, directed by Jonathan Rogers)
24) PETTY “I Can’t Breathe” (produced by Zuki Mondunkwu, directed by PETTY, edited by Devyn Betancourt)
25) Quez Cantrell feat. Dee Grand “The Black Today” (produced by The UFOs, directed by all3Y3Z)
26) Clover Jamez “At Ease (Black Lieutenant)”
27) Defter “Arnold Drummond” (produced by Eddie B.)
28) Sofa Brown feat. Evan Blocker “We Back” (animation by Cartoon Connect)

January 2022 Updates:

1) Starlito “Paternity Leave Intro” (produced by Bandplay, directed by Nigel Callisto)
2) Tim Gent feat. Case Arnold & Drisana DeSpain “It’s Like That” (produced by HD, directed by Devyn Betancourt)
3) L’Orange & Namir Blade “Nihilism” (directed by Joel Davis)
4) Wick-it the Instigator “The Day’s Eye Won”
5) PETTY “Best Out” (produced by Jonathan)
6) $avvy “Down to Earth” (produced by Richard Rowe, directed by Elijah Leftridge)
7) Treekeeper “TRÒP!ÇÁL€” (directed by Trillbee the Hooligan)
8) Virghost “Aviator’s Theme” (directed by Joel Davis)
9) Seddymac “Observe” (directed by all3Y3Z)
10) Dee Goodz “Cochese” (produced by DBTHEPLUG, directed by Rave Wolfe)
11) Mike Floss “Never Ran” (produced by Mike Floss, Unhappy Hank & Ohdee, directed by LeXander Bryant)
12) No Stress “Sunset on Saturn” (directed by SECK)
13) Ron Obasi “Penny’s Innerlude” (produced by $hrames, directed by Halv)
14) Brian Brown “Desires” (produced by TIGGI, directed by Ben Sherrill/Southern Yankee)
15) kidDead feat. Erin Rae “Sinkholes” (produced by Deltarok, directed by Maurice Barrett)
16) Reaux Marquez “Exhale” (directed by Country Cousins)
17) Wally Clark “Rodney Mullen”
18) Kurtis Stanley “On My Mind” (produced by Gummy Soul, directed by Cary Wolfe)
19) Lord Goldie, Miriam Speyer, & Allan Fine “Hey Now” (directed by Wesley Crutcher)
20) $hrames feat Geronimo Flair “Giovanni” (directed by Lanei Joi)
21) Sofa Brown “Keep Movin’” (produced by Sandbox, directed by BeShootin)
22) King Hoody “To Whom It May Concern” (directed by ill8 Vision)
23) B. Cooper “The Introduction” (produced by Dirty Rice)
24) FU Stan & BeHoward “Dope Boy” (directed by Wesley Crutcher)
25) Truth Clipsy (aka Kxng Klxpsy) “Clubber Lang” (produced by JOTA ESE)
26) Kaby “Runoff” (directed by Nix & Kaby)
27) MiaReona “Elevation” (directed by CRoy RapLens)
28) Drupy Fli Musik feat. Fluid Outrage, Kaby, Tanya Ali & Chancellor Warhol “WTF (remix)” (directed by JP/Infrared Visual Media Group)
29) Jung Youth “Mucho Mojo” (produced by Lou Kerins, directed by Grant Claire/GOODNICETHANKS)
30) Spoken Nerd “Good Barber” (directed by kidDEAD)
31) S-Wrap “Kablam” (directed by Joshua Lockhart)

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