Iowa Rock: November 2023

Greg Brown Iowa

The Iowa Rock playlist features rock from Iowa including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more. (Pictured: Greg Brown)

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Andersen Coates “Assassin (Anxiety)”

Greg Brown “One Wrong Turn”

DICKIE “Unbelievable”

28 Days Later “All Hard Feelings”

Land of Blood and Sunshine “Iojua”

Subatlantic “Critic”

Max Jury “Numb”

English “Directions”

Tires “Hatchback”

Wave Cage “Dreaming”

Adonai Melodias & Nick Wilkins “HER KNIGHT & SHINING ARMOR (Sped Up)”

Cedar County Cobras “Shake It Right”

Joe Price “Headache”

Huxley Madeline “Whiskey Water Hole”

OwenZane “Reaper (Bedroom Acoustic Demo)”

Allie Crummy “Daylight Savings”

Wolfskill & The Wild “Something We Don’t Say”

Bonnie Koloc “After All This Time”

Pieta Brown “Back to You”

Left is West “Too Weird for the Weirdos”

William J Locker “Between The Lines”

Dave Helmer “Kiss the Sun”

Juehring “Sunday Drive”

Seth Clow and the Silver Liners “T.L.C. (Ol’ Stumpy)”

Face It Tiger “Sad Tobey Maguire”

Lewis Knudsen “Lost Voices”

The Envy Corps “Med. Song”

Halfloves “Hamartia”

Near Misses “Juncture”

Worst Impressions “yeah”

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