Iowa Rock: January 2024

Bella Moss Iowa

The Iowa Rock playlist features rock from Iowa including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more. (Pictured: Bella Moss)

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Bella Moss “Sudden Strangers”

Emma Butterworth “Look Me in My Eyes”

EleanorGrace “Timeless”

Anthony Worden “Aht Uh Mi Hed”

Purple Frank feat. Barleby & the Common Loon “Dog”

Patresa Hartman “Borrowed Name”

Holding Hour “Hopes & Horoscopes”

Kelly Pardekooper “You Don’t Say”

Lodge Cove Collective “Can’t Complain”

Cedar County Cobras “Sewing Machine”

The Book of Bugs “2:12 AM”

Instant DeTh “Carried Away”

Dave Helmer “Anyone to Blame”

Trevor Sensor “Honest Abel, Old Red Tiger”

The Bird Hunters “Home Again”

28 Days Later “Phases”

The Halloween Special “Derecho”

Casey Klein “The Wizard of Wah”

The Ruralists “Sea Legs”

The High Crest “Front Porch Boogie”