Iowa Rock

The Iowa Rock playlist features rock from Iowa including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more.

Tracklist Updates:

Max Jury Iowa Musician

Melody English “Parasite”
Keuning “If You Say So”
Sires “Deep in the Dark”
Bridget Kearney “Capable”
Max Jury “Peace of Mind”
Lex Leto “I love you”
Lily DeTaeye “100 Cuts”
The Vahnevants “Dixie Flyer”
Courtney Krause “Follow”
Tom Hummer “Wringer”
Kelly Pardekooper “Johnson County Snow”
Neil Anders “All Wrong”
Julie Christiensen “Gatling Gun”
Sarah Darling “Pretender”
Brian Johannesen “Fremont”
Juehring “Evenin’ blues”
Preacher Boy “Cornbread”
Crystal City “Rock & Roll Coffee”
The Nadas “Other Side of the 45”
Condor & Jaybird “Lightbringer VII”
(May 29, 2023 Update / Pictured: Max Jury)

Annalibera Iowa

Annalibera “Coquette”
Ariias “Mosquito Bites”
Pieta Brown “Wishes Falling Through the Rain”
Bo Ramsey “Can’t Sleep”
Riff Worm “Feels”
Karen Meat “Pizza & Beer”
Brother Trucker “I Like It”
Jordan Mayland “Lie Detector”
Holly & the Night Owls “His Secret”
Perfume Genius “Describe”
Christian Lief “If I Could”
Sophie Mitchell feat. New World Vulture “Purple & Red”
Early Girl “Sawhorse Sweetie”
New Age Crisis “Voodoo”
Doctor Murdock “March to the Meaninglessness”
Miss Christine “Profound”
Strong Like Bear “The Breezeway”
The Nadas “Love Divided”
Flavor Basket “Gummy Bear”
The Slats “I Wrote the Code”
(May 12, 2023 Update / Pictured: Annalibera)

Paul Cary Iowa Rock

Subatlantic “Cups”
Dan Tedesco “Morning Run”
The Other Brothers “The Clementine”
The Whiskee Shakes “The Winner”
Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild “Can’t Complain”
Paul Cary “Ghost of a Man”
Jake Stack and the Unincorporated “The Hope They Bled”
Eric Paul “Killer”
Dope Walker “Made to Disappear”
Chrash “The Office (British Version)”
Arthur Russell “Instrumentals: Volume 1 – Part 1”
Twins “Buffalo Snow”
The Ruralists “People Are People Too”
Davis John Patton “Motives”
David Huckfelt “Stranger Angels”
the lowe “would”
Brutal Republic “Hangman”
Bleujack “God Goggles”
Rob Lumbard “Rood Rag”
(April 30, 2023 / Pictured: Paul Cary)

Pyko Da Syko Iowa

Pyko Da Syko “White Lie”
William J Locker “Hear My Name”
Logan Springer “Best I Can”
William Elliott Whitmore “Hell or High Water”
Annie Kemble “Black & Blue / Blood & Sea”
Erik Whittaker “Not Yet Dark”
Chase Schweitzer “Ghost Story”
Unknown Component “Holding Pattern”
The Aircraft “Be My Home”
Ramona and the Sometimes “Plant Mom”
(April 1, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Pyko Da Syko)

Pieta Brown Iowa Musician

The Envy Corps “Screen Test”
Ben Driscoll “Low Lost Friend Blues”
Pieta Brown “Not Scared”
DICKIE “Forty-Five”
Bella Moss “Out West”
Milk & Eggs “Buddy Brown”
Riff Worm “Demon Drinker”
Strong Like Bear “Three Wizards”
Mr. Softheart “Caravaggio”
Hazer “The Good Book”
(March 16, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Pieta Brown)

Tough Ghost Iowa Band

Tough Ghost “Western No. 1”
The Rush Cleveland Trio “The Kids Don’t Care”
House of Large Sizes “I’ll Find It”
Craig Erickson “Blues River”
Good Morning Midnight “Burial Ground / Breeding Ground, Pt. 2”
Jinnouchi Power “Harakiri”
Look @ Me “Vices & Goodbyes”
Elizabeth Zimmerman “No Secret”
Elison “Meet Me Halfway”
Danny Russell Wolf “Double Dutch”
(March 2, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Tough Ghost)

Coolzey Iowa Rock Musician

Purple Frank “Dippin’ Dots”
Allegra Hernandez “Pulley Gift Exchange”
Coolzey “Yr Gonna Get Us Killed”
Bryon Dudley “Can of Worms”
Catfish Keith “Tell Everybody”
Bo Ramsey “Stranger Blues”
Bonnie Koloc Singer Songwriter “Sweet Mama”
Trevor Sensor “Madison Square Garden”
Christian Lief “Sail On”
Elizabeth Moen feat. William Elliott Whitmore “Trouble”
(February 16, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Coolzey)

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