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Iowa Rap & Hip-Hop Playlist

A Spotify mix featuring rap and hip-hop from Iowa.

Direct playlist links: Spotify | Soundcloud

June 30, 2022 Updates:

1) Too Klean “S/O MY MOMMA NEM”
2) Dessy X “the truth”
3) TCfrmhonorroll feat. That Honorroll KID “Stuck In Vegas (No New Friends)”
4) Novet “SAN FRAN”
5) Dx137 “Life’s Beautiful”
6) Tone Da Boss “Free (So Good)”
7) GrewSum “Dreamers”
8) Imperfekt “Beats & Raps”
9) Czheck “It’s Not OK”
10) Phon “Ella Mai”

Pictured: Dessy X, photo by Riley La Vie Photography

June 23, 2022 Updates:

1) FlyLife “A Different View”
2) MarKaus “Art Of War”
3) Vin “Whashisname (Ballad to the Dead)”
4) Coolzey feat. Mikal kHill, E-Turn, Sulfur, Imperfekt & Prowess The Testament “That’s That”
5) L-NELLZ “On Dolla”
6) B.Well feat. Annie Kemble “Mine”
7) Common Knowledge “B.O.B.”
8) Apollo Spacey feat. Tripp Shelton “Something About Mary”
9) Antiluv “Late Night”
10) Quan Draper feat. Novet “Qb1 (remix)”

Pictured: Apollo Spacey

Teller Bank$ Iowa Rap
Teller Banks Iowa Rap Back Cover

June 16, 2022 Updates:

1) Andre Davis & DK Imamu Akachi “The Alchemist”
2) Teller Bank$ feat. Ashy Meat “Northwest”
3) Juliano Dock feat. FL Jordan Taylor “voice of reason”
4) Bloke C “They Told Me”
5) BlAk FrIdAy “This House”
6) Brady Raps “Back Again”
7) Psychedelic Sidekick feat. Mark Battles “Be Real”
8) GnarlyJevy feat. Samuel Shabazz “So Icy”
9) Beezy tha Real “Got 2 Go”
10) FlyLife feat. Teller Bank$ & Pyko Da Syko “Oceans Thirteen”

Pictured: Teller Bank$