Iowa Beats & Bars: November 2023

Legible Iowa Rapper

The Iowa Beats & Bars playlist features rap & hip-hop from Iowa including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more. (Pictured: Legible / photo by Gabriella Grace Creates.)

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That Honorroll KID “Lunch Table Flow”

Tyler Rootz “Never Enough”

Jim Swim & Avery Moss “Till the Light and the Rush and the Lift”

Double Jay “i can’t”

Young X feat. Chanel Nicole “Bubblegum”

Rome Oliver “No Surprise”

Ike Midas “Be Ready”

Orange Juice Avalanche & Show You Suck “Podcast”


Ncee WAV feat. MC Animosity “Tarantula”

Coolzey feat. DJ Douggpound, Brent Weinbach & Johnny Pemberton “Pound House Rap”

Rahlan Kay feat. EJ Swavv, Savaun & Alicia Monee “Let Love Find You”

Legible & Tay Yung “Lactose Intolerant”

Pyko Da Syko “TIM DWIGHT (produced by Dirt Nasty Beats)”

Ace Forgiato feat. FlyLife “Add it Up”

Horak “Own Lil Thing”

Spidee! “Guitar Hero”

Oziene Productions “Climbin”

M.E.E.C.H. “Loved Ones (remastered)”

Ahzia “Bullseye // I am”

KN Dot feat. OG Don “Grind”

3J “Flyest in Town”

hazy burn$ feat. Noah Treimer “Known”

TZY feat. lui* “POP OUT”

Not Casey “Movie Dates”

Beav E “Hear My Voice”

JonesDaArtist “Call Me Baby”

Zxitama feat. Invinnity “2%TINT”

cri$is “Love Me”


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