Iowa Beats & Bars

The Iowa Beats & Bars playlist features rap & hip-hop from Iowa including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more.

Tracklist Updates:

LivØnce LivOnce Levi Kranz Iowa Rap

Brady Raps “Baby”
Aree Love “Areeveli”
LivØnce feat. Rowdy Kranz & Wrekonize “We Up”
Monk “Burn”
Vitamjn x Notions “RAZOR!” (produced by NiceMemeSound)
Dria Danielle “Baddie Alert”
Richmobb Sarod feat. Richmobb Devo “Millionaire Vibes”
TayySavo “Deserved It”
Ahzia “Trial & Error”
Its Kai “After Hours”
Shakka Davis “Habits”
Timothy Flyte “Grey”
Ok Koo “Untamed”
BumRap “Lone Wolves”
Asphate “Mannequin Challenge”
Aeon Grey x Purify “Nazca”
Offwhyte feat. Open I & DJ TouchNice “All Told”
Charlie Curtis-Beard feat. Naethan Apollo & Carter Ace “BUNS”
Sendo ofRMS “Ok Alr, Ok Alr”
TheZeffsterr “Bad Bad”
(June 5, 2023 Update / Pictured: LivØnce)

XCO$MOX Iowa Rap

xco$mox “Star Lord”
TheZeffsterr “Full Time”
64Cityy “Exotic”
K Roll “Get Through It”
Dead Silent “Molotov (La La La)”
T.O.T feat. Jeremy Kyle “Wanna Know”
Aquatic Cat Dolphin “Heaven on Earth” (prod. by FALAK)
HU$H feat. Tech N9ne & X-Raided “Dulli”
Vitamjn “ROTATE!” (prod. by NiceMeme$ound)
Gunner B feat. Psychedelic Sidekick “Hit A Mil”
Sqvce “ballin again”
Diggy Danja feat. Raife “CandyLand”
VSA CHXCKY 333 “MARATHON” (prod. by Loyal the Plug)
Phäräoh feat. Courter “Want You”
Rome Oliver feat. Naj & Bigg P “Somebody”
lui* “do the oath with me”
Trap Garage Mafia “Feds Knocking”
Buddha 2x feat. K Roll “Out the Way (remix)”
L-Fazo “GLE”
(May 22, 2023 Update / Pictured: xco$mox)

Aubs Iowa Rap Poet

Tripp Shelton “Mean Girls”
Jammin’ Alone “Right Now”
Jose the MC & Elynt “Summer Has Arrived”
Aubs. & Dirt Nasty Beats “Cascade Garden Freestyle.”
Imperfekt feat. Fooch the MC & Colorless “Front to Back”
Dead Silent “2032”
Tha Füt “Stay High”
Poezy feat. Benny the Jet “Tequila”
Teller Bank$ & Ed Glorious “The Heart”
Xavy Rusan feat. Tilden Parc & Katori Walker “Silent”
B.Well feat. Annie Kemble “Slightly Broken Hearted”
GrewSum & Jimmy Donn “Broken”
DubYou “Cursed”
Rome Oliver feat. Naj “Radio Silence”
Gifted Hands feat. Klazik “How You Make It”
TJ & Novet “Extra”
CEO MUZIK “Dangerous”
MG Moeski “Highs & Lows”
(May 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Aubs.)

Tdagod Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

Chill Mac feat. Juliano Dock “Hollows”
T.K.O. “New Slave”
Czheck “Forever”
Rome Oliver “Caitlin Clark”
GENIE “Checkin Out”
Arthvr “Crazy”
Gifo & cri$is “Ikyk”
Xavy Rusan “The Legends”
Aubs. & Ed Glorious “MIRRA MIRRA.”
Legible “Sturdy Freestyle”
Monk feat. Tdagod “Queso”
Havoc The Addict “Mood Music”
Elias Nava, GrewSum & Perennial “Shaolin (remix)”
Maxilla Blue “Definition”
Manii feat. Malik “Whatever for the Money”
Tdagod “Make It Count”
Psychedelic Sidekick “WAVY”
Spaz2Cold “Late Nights”
Big Bill “Tired”
(April 23, 2023 Update / Pictured: Tdagod)

PettyAssPunkin Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

PettyAssPunkin “Collect Calls”
Smoov G “What’s Understood”
Gifo “Zombie”
Johnny Marz feat. Teller Bank$ “Force”
TKO Joey “For The People”
Coolzey & DJ Przm “Relax Fuck”
Imma “FashionNova”
1400slim feat. That Honorroll KID & TCfrmhonorroll “Dior”
Loco Buki feat. D’Or Mac “TAPOUt”
Juliano Dock “VVS”
(April 4, 2023 Update / Pictured: PettyAssPunkin)

Mango Iowa Rapper

Teller Bank$ “The Love Tiger”
Mango “Play For Keeps”
DiggsDaBeat feat. Drapo “Pain”
Diggy Danja feat. Seando “HolySmok3s”
Lil Jodeci “Carbon”
TyBooter feat. Trizzyotw “Demons”
Bill Thousand “No Nights Off”
Beezy tha Real “Too Fast”
Breazy Low “Know the Feeling”
(March 28, 2023 Update / Pictured: Mango)

MC Animosity Iowa Rapper Hip-Hop

MC Animosity feat. DJ Johnny Sixx “Smoking Roaches”
Brady Raps “The Motto”
JandroBands feat. Rare Doozy “DONT RUN”
DJ GetWright feat. Wray “Slidin’ (remix)”
diorpium “VYLE II/YUNG DIOR”
Ryan Radig “Clarity”
Courter feat. TheZeffsterr “Superstar”
LeeK137 feat. MG Kelbo “Dignity”
Dx137 “Late”
(March 21, 2023 Update / Pictured: MC Animosity)

Dead Silent Iowa Rapper Hip-Hop

FlyLife & Sqvce “Forever P”
Dead Silent “February 1st”
Legible “Program”
clayy “jon snow”
Rome Oliver “Navalny Freestyle”
Shaky Shawn999 “A Pain Song”
Tha Lonewolf “Satellite”
xco$mox “Star Lord”
tgrosama feat. Risky Reese “Don’t Love Me”
Mike-Spazz “Bassinet”
(March 14, 2023 Update / Pictured: Dead Silent)

Xlilmarcj Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

Late Street “House Party”
Dominic Harrington “Rising to the Top”
Dirt Nasty Beats “TIPPIN”
Vitamjn “STAIN”
Rare Doozy “Round 12”
Naj “My Religion”
Sten Joddi “In This World”
Xlilmarcj “Lying”
Claimz feat. Narp “Julius”
(March 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Xlilmarcj)

Too Klean Iowa Rapper

Too Klean “Beast Mode”
TBE Guttaz “What Am I Gonna Do”
Aubs. feat. Steve Legacy, K1ng Supr3m3 & Wes Muzik “Struggle Bus.”
Fetty Fred feat. Daniel Aquino, Geri Dobbs, Ubi & Joey Cool “Give it All”
Monk “TikToc”
Chill Mac “HMU”
Lou Kane #FYTB”
Stovetop “Reminiscing”
ELZ Underground feat. RAC “Champagne Dreamz”
J Dot Mane “Thug It Out”
(February 28, 2023 Update / Pictured: Too Klean)

Novet Iowa Rapper

Young X feat. Chanel Nicole “Waiting For”
GENIE “Bussdown”
LAV.ISH “Tethered”
D Wavy “Real Spill”
Rhys WZA “Goddamn”
Novet “Poetry in Motion”
Tae Groove “Take Out”
LyricMUR feat. J. Dot Mane “Bounce”
Sinister Karnie feat. Jayvs “Bad Blood”
Josh Michalec “Them Apples”
(February 21, 2023 Update / Pictured: Novet)

FlyLife Iowa Rapper

FlyLife feat. Coach Dave & Mello Dirty Money “Worried About”
Smoov G “PAIN”
Strangers of Necessity feat. Cosmic Lloyd “Mass Appeal”
That Honorroll KID “5 O’clock”
Andre Davis “M F Davis”
Xavy Rusan x FVNTVNV “UV Rays”
Tdagod “Scared to Love”
BlAk FrIdAy “Mi Deh Ya”
Aubs feat. Julian the Great “Joint” (beat by Pollinators x Wes Muzik)
Aeon Grey “I.o.w.a.”
(February 14, 2023 Update / Pictured: FlyLife)

Lyrikal TMG Iowa Rapper

M.E.E.C.H “Again”
Teller Bank$ “Baker’s Pan”
‘vante “See Me”
LYRIKAL TMG feat. Ant Bomb “On My Way”
GrewSum “Poison in My Veins”
Late Street “Where the Corner Meets”
Bobby Vuelo “Ain’t Going Out”
Common Knowledge “Medic”
VSA CHXCKY 333 “XO 333 LIFE Pt. 2”
Bloke C “Get Together”
(February 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: LYRIKAL TMG)

Silence Iowa Rapper

Imma “Good”
Deadstock feat. B.Well & Vonny Hendrixx “I Got It”
Jim Swim “Sleuth”
Karter Krueger “VERSE”
Da Round Hero feat. Nate IV “Do”
Silence feat. Tunnabeatz “Think About It”
Fmg Red feat. Prince Ace “Waited Too Long”
AshyMeat “Pull This Glock”
JandroBands “DBZ”
UnoUp6 “Stash Half (The Big One)”
(February 1, 2023 Update / Pictured: Silence)

Teller Bank$ Iowa Rapper

Teller Bank$ “The Big Lebowskiii”
Xavy Rusan & FVNTVNV “Precious Metals”
Tae Groove feat. SiFutheSensai “Right Now”
VSA CHXCKY 333 feat. Dyme “N****S IN TOKYO”
Wxlley “Roll At Once”
Quan Draper “Interrupt”
KID feat. Tae Barber “DESIGNER FIEND”
Loco Buki “HUNREd”
JUJU! “Ice Cold”
YMP Official “Made A Way”
(January 25, 2023 Update / Pictured: Teller Bank$)

Dirt Nasty Beats Iowa Hip-Hop

Renø feat. Gifo “If the Shoe Fits”
Mike-Spazz “More of Me”
Tyler Rootz “WAIT”
Sons of Mack “Love Games”
Dirt Nasty Beats “Stunt”
Markaus “Success”
MfTrulyZ “Last Time”
Big Bill feat. BC Marse “Unappreciated”
Ckinz “Under Me”
RichMobb Devo feat. Prince Ace “Troll Wit Me”
(January 18, 2023 Update / Pictured: Dirt Nasty Beats)

Genie Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

Prince Ace feat. G QUICK “JITT”
May Star “Dsm to La”
Long Live Omar feat. Dahkim “Milk & Cereal”
Rio137 “True Deception”
GENIE “Shit (Freestyle)”
ATG Duke feat. PB Dutch “Pac Man Runtz”
Hot Boy Bee Gee “Love Don’t Change”
Winn Wade “2k”
LivØnce & Rowdy Kranz “Can’t Quit”
Trick James feat. Big Boss Sixx “John Wayne Gacy”
(January 10, 2023 Update / Pictured: GENIE)

Bigg Ray West Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

Gifo “Buzz”
LilB Da D “Charge It To The Game”
Monk “Forever”
Gusto Da Don “Drug Talks”
DJ FRE4K feat. Shakka Davis “SH!T”
TwoCold feat. Free Soul “Ride With Me”
Dodger G “Studio Smokin’”
760FUEGO feat. Imma “PLAY 4 KEEPS”
Ray West feat. D-Man & K.A. “Believe in Me”
Dlo Tha Don “No Tomorrow”
(January 5, 2023 Update / Pictured: Ray West)

Rare Doozy Iowa Rap Hip-Hop

Rare Doozy “Prey”
Lil Jodeci “H8TIN”
Smoov G feat. Cøgnac “Black Forces”
Lyrik OsoSavage “Industry Ready”
Tone da Boss “Victory Lap”
Fetty Fred feat. Jehry Robinson “Fade Away”
Benny the Jet “Leo”
Colo Chanel “Selfish”
Gnarly Jevy “Corner Stories”
AshyMeat “IDFWN Freestyle”
(December 28, 2022 Update / Pictured: Rare Doozy)

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