Iowa Alt/Punk: November 2023

Death Kill Overdrive Iowa

The Iowa Alt/Punk playlist features noise from the Iowa underground including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more (pictured: Death Kill Overdrive).

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Early Girl “Evil Head”

Why Bother? “What’s Wrong With Me?”

The Hollowmen “Brave and Bold”

Death Kill Overdrive “Juicin’”

Modern Life is War “Yesterday’s Trash”

The Agrestix “Cause or Cash”

Shake Them Bones “Help Us”

SLW cc Watt “Be the Bones”

Flavor Basket “Walter Seaholm”

Person Whale “A Weed in the Seat”

Dope Walker “Shakes”

Display Case “Get Out”

Even Without Life “A Young Man’s Game”

Moscow Puzzles “Radix”

Tires “Refused”

Airspace “Endlessly (She Goes)”

Huxley Madeline “Bad Trip Blues”

Erik Whittaker “Secret”

Everything Had Teeth “I Like It Like That”

Stateparks “Dead Space”

Faces Turned Ashen “EM”

Survival Soundtrack “Summer”

Ill Way “You Were Born On Third Base But You Act Like You Hit a Triple”

Kayak Jones “Nose Blunt”

Exit Emergency “From the Grave”

Worst Impressions “Something New”

Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops “ITCH”

Critical Mass “Militia”

Bigby Woods “Essential Working Class”

Basketball Divorce Court “Kill All Men”

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