Iowa Alt/Punk: January 2024

Haploid Iowa Band

The Iowa Alt/Punk playlist features noise from the Iowa underground including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more. (Pictured: Haploid)

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Instant DeTh “Game”

Haploid “Solitaire”

The Deeves “Outta Sight (Single Version)”

Karen Meat “Hot Dod”

TV Cop “Getting By”

On Your Left “Vundervolly”

Sterling Bidler “.”

Bstar “Elena Rodriquez”

Mr. Softheart “Surface Tension”

Neon Lushell “Leave Me Alone”

Michael Duede “Heavy Fork”

McKenna Alise & the Great Galvanic Divide “Gold Coins”

Crooked Torus “Bright Summer”

Holiday Innards “One Foot Out”

Morning Sex & the Good Weed “Cry Wolf”

The Vandon Arms “Down the Boozer”

Wrestling With Wolves “The Power of Accord”

NOBLETIGER “If life were a movie, I’d be Sean Bean”

Even Without Life “Sleep Anxiety”

BOOTCAMP “Nothing Changes”

PSYOP “Livestock (live)”

Dose “Pellet Gun Shy”

More Cheese “Gigawatts”

Alex Body “Goner”

The Deleters “Nothing to Say”

Scamper. “Time for You”

Stateparks “Clarity”

Zxitama “Special”

Survival Soundtrack “Every Single Morning