Iowa Alt/Punk

The Iowa Alt/Punk playlist features noise from the Iowa underground including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more.

Tracklist Updates:

Allegra Hernandez Iowa Band

Bigby Woods “Werewolf Prom Night”
Stars Hollow “As You Were Before.”
Allegra Hernandez “Dumpster Fire on Douglas”
Melody English “Back To You”
Skinny Dippers & Holding Hour “Icarus Emerged (Alt Version)”
Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops “MANIC FEVER”
The Horrors “Sooner or Later”
Liana “The Silver Key”
To My Surprise “Get It to Go”
HU$H “99 Cents 4 Life”
404 “Overloaded”
CR Dicks “What Kind”
Display Case “Redacted”
SLW cc Watt “Something Lost”
Paul Cary & the Small Scarys “Come Back Down”
Los Marauders “Mercy”
Tough Ghost “Cold Nights”
Muldoon’s Clever Girls “Frosted Flakes”
The Wheelers “Dan”
Look @ Me “Washed Out Stain”
(May 30, 2023 Update / Pictured: Allegra Hernandez)

Land of Blood and Sunshine Iowa Band

404 “Living for the Weekend”
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Hollow Visionist”
Dark Family “Gimme Some More”
The Vahnevants “amuck”
Goldblums “Pills (End the Wrld) – Phil Young remix”
Uncle “Invasion”
Samuel Locke Ward “Stale Crumbs of the Puffy Sun”
Tires “EP1 – Two”
The Envy Corps “Exchequer”
Younger “Trash”
Shake Them Bones “It’s My Turn”
The Sleepover “Pajamas in Public”
Why Bother? “Get Used to It”
Holy White Hounds “Burnt Tongue”
Joretta Oaks “High School”
Tripmaster Monkey “New York”
Gunk Lung “GET BETTER”
TV Cop “It’s a Friendly Thrash”
Hold for Swank “Chilling on a Tailgate at Midnight with a Case of Beer and My Best Friends”
On Hiatus “George Sanderson”
(April 30, 2023 Update / Pictured: Land of Blood and Sunshine)

Basketball Divorce Court Iowa Punk Band

Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops “SLOWLY ERASING YOU”
Odd Pets “Stay Behind”
Sorry, Pluto “Booty Clappin’”
Basketball Divorce Court “headlights”
Haploid “Abject Object”
Good Devils “Pretty Ugly”
Goatfoam “Locust of Control”
The Shining Realm “Bleed a Prayer from the Stone”
Surf Zombies “Rat Tech”
Lipstick Homicide “In Control (You Think You’re)”
(March 30, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Basketball Divorce Court)

Penny Peach Iowa Band

Penny Peach “CATACOMBS”
Hex Girls “Lookin’ for the Facts”
More Cheese “Imposter”
The Rumours “I Love Playin’ with Fire”
Eugene Levy “Beneath a Star Drunk Sky”
Bouquet “Southpaw”
Jack and the Slammers “Xerox”
Been There Done That “Bittersweet”
The Slow Retreat “The Reason”
The Vandon Arms “One Hell of a Night”
(March 4, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Penny Peach)

Greg Wheeler Poly Mall Cops Iowa Band

Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops “Nothing”
DAIZEY “Autumn”
Basketball Divorce Court “oops! we don’t use that word on”
3 Finger Betty “Great Again”
Glass Ox “Out of Your Mind”
Display Case “Out of My Head”
Fair, Fair “My Life at the Credit Union”
Mike Vallely and the Complete Disaster “FUCK YEAH!”
Maaaze “bookaspells”
Dose “Enough”
(February 11, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops)

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