Iowa Pop Vibes

The Iowa Pop Vibes playlist features pop music from Iowa including dance, electropop, lounge, R&B, soul, and more.

Tracklist Updates:

Bridget Kearney Iowa Musician Singer

Bridget Kearney “So Badly”
HU$H “Into the Sun”
Ted When “Nothing Left”
Jarret Purdy & Lex Leto “Rainwalker”
Courtney Krause “S L O W D A N C I N ‘”
Annalibera “Sanctuary”
Maids “Bandits”
Brad & Kate “Sleep Talking (Kyler Boss House Edition)”
Perfume Genius “Queen”
BN WhoIAm “Tongues”
Miss223 “Moonflower”
Pyko Da Syko feat. Lieu “Perrydise”
Claimz “Brendo”
Bonne Finken “U Never Knew”
Holly & the Night Owls “Counting the Seams”
Lady Revel “Change Your Mind”
Teri Underhill “Magic Man”
Unknown Component “Within the Inertia of an Approximate Vicinity”
Nate Ruess “Harsh Light”
Wet Hair “Dear Danae”
(May 23, 2023 Update / Pictured: Bridget Kearney)


Avery Moss & Jim Swim “Heading Home Again”
HU$H “Cash On Demand”
CMilli “iKnow”
thirtyfourpercent “ (cyclesinmyhead: there is something the artist is afraid of)
William J Locker “Flow”
Alisabeth Von Presley “American Blackout”
Joretta Oaks “50/50”
Ryan Phelan “Sometimes”
Gold Revere “Jasmine”
Salt Fox “Golden Mountain”
Zap Tura “Thank You”
Ancient Posse “I Don’t Wanna Be Down”
Alyx Rush “Runaway”
Sharane Calister “Love You”
Naughts “Duped”
Ryan Radig “Headspace”
Gnarly Jevy “Pull Up”
Faizon “stop it”
Rio137 “Substitute”
Clarisse feat. KIZ-MET “Ghosted”
(April 23, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: HU$H)

Teri Underhill Iowa Music

Teri Underhill “See Me”
Pieta Brown & JT Bates “In This World”
Lady Revel feat. Marian Marturello “Real Woman”
Teller Bank$ “Campfire”
The Fuss “Mold”
kmdn “STUCK on U!”
Olivia Manaligod feat. New World Vulture “intimidating”
Dessy X “My Time”
IAMGIFTED “n e o n p i n k s k y s”
Young Hawk IA feat. Jake Strain “Elevate”
(March 25, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Teri Underhill)

Ryan Radig Iowa Musician

Ryan Radig “All Eyes on Me”
LAV.ISH “Negative Garbage”
JUJU! feat. Quinn Wilcox, Olivia Manaligod & New World Vulture “Pressure”
Emma Butterworth “Enough & Loved (Stripped)”
The Heist “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”
The Envy Corps “About Face”
Oziene Productions “Lens Flare”
Richmobb Sarod “Toxic”
MsT33 “Please Forgive Me”
Benjamin Newburn “Waves”
(February 24, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Ryan Radig)

SoulTru Jim Swim Iowa

Naughts “Getaway”
Antiluv feat. Kashiii “Complicated”
Blookah x ALIGN feat. Lydell “Deepend”
Soultru feat. Jim Swim “Backiotomy”
Diplomats of Solid Sound feat. the Diplomettes “Soul Connection”
Brad & Kate “You Right Next to Me”
Trevor Sensor “Sawdust Chokes the Wind”
Spayce “Body2body”
MINT “Devil”
Neon Carbon “Embracing the Machine”
(February 4, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Soultru & Jim Swim)

Lvvmaking Iowa Band

Lvvmaking “Get a Move On”
Halfloves “Small Hours”
Tino Cruze “Sober”
wimp “Love Birds (Blookah remix)”
D Wavy feat. King Tat “BADDIE”
Mike Allen “Wicked Game”
Annie Kemble “Cherries”
Jordan Mayland “The Plan”
Bryon Dudley feat. Rachel Dudley “Never Quite Ourselves”
(January 20, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Lvvmaking)

Salt Fox Iowa Band

Salt Fox “Slow Down on Gamblin’”
LYRIKAL TMG “Complicated”
Elizabeth Moen “Creature of Habit”
Colo Chanel “West Side Love Story”
Lennie Quest feat. Trever Linkin “Rent Free”
Riley Mobz feat. Prima “It Takes Two”
Timothy Flyte “Different Type of Mood”
EleanorGrace “Fast Forward”
Pyko Da Syko “ROADKiLL”
Dessy X “Stormy Weather”
(January 6, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Salt Fox)

Annie Kemble Iowa Music

Gold Revere “So Am I”
Annie Kemble “Movie”
Soultru “Crying Over You”
Sharane Calister “Party Like There’s No Tomorrow”
Jim Swim “Signs & Symbols”
Yung Hunny “Marlboro Red (remix)”
Clarisse feat. KIZ-MET “Evening Babble”
cri$is “Drift Away”
Wxlley “The Bends”
(December 23, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Annie Kemble)

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