Iowa Music Playlists

Iowa music playlists are at the heart of what drives These playlists look to explore new releases from across the state, while also providing a look into the rearview by celebrating noteworthy local music from years gone by. Also, it’s worth noting that none of the collections here are meant to be completist, and they’re absolutely limited by the scope of subjective personal taste. If an artist (or an entire genre, for that matter) isn’t represented, that’s why. And rather than getting overly granular, they’re categorized by broad genre clusters rather than specific sub-genres or styles. If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing and following the individual playlists to stay on top of future updates.

LivØnce LivOnce Iowa Rap

Iowa Beats & Bars: Rap & hip-hop from Iowa including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more (last updated: June 5, 2023)

Glass Ox Iowa Band

Loud & Heavy Iowa: Metal from Iowa including thrash, speed, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more (last updated: June 7, 2023)

Max Jury Iowa Musician

Iowa Rock: Rock from Iowa including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more (last updated: May 29, 2023)

Allegra Hernandez Iowa Band

Iowa Alt/Punk: Noise from the Iowa underground including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more (last updated: May 30, 2023)

Bridget Kearney Iowa Musician Singer

Iowa Pop Vibes: Pop music from Iowa featuring dance, electropop, lounge, R&B, soul, and more (last updated: May 23, 2023)

Colin Cook Iowa Electronic DJ EDM

Electronic Iowa: Electronic and dance music from Iowa including drum & bass, EDM, glitch, house, progressive, trance and more (last updated: May 14, 2023)

Love Sculpture Pappajohn Park Des Moines

Ethereal Iowa: Ambient, classical, instrumentals and other chill vibes from Iowa (last updated: May 14, 2023)

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