Iowa Playlist Updates: September 2023

Based in Cedar Rapids, villin curates several different Iowa music playlists, with new updates dropping weekly. Here are the playlist additions from this past month…

Buukilo Iowa

The Iowa Beats & Bars playlist was updated with 20(ish) tracks last month, featuring rap & hip-hop from Iowa, including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more.

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Wxlley “Bussin”
$ellar Boiz “Unreal”
Buukilo “5-MeO”
FVNTVNV, Lskii & Xavy Rusan “Came From The Devine”
MG Moeski “You & I”
Jeremy Kyle feat. Rare Doozy “Chit Chat”
PettyAssPunkin “My Baby”
Jim Swim & Ahzia “New Digs”
BMB “Run”
Monk “Minute Maid”
Diggy Danja “GETDOWN”
Ckinz feat. Zhillin “On some”
Golden Element “What’s the Vibe”
GENIE feat. Plsbrah “Outside”
Vitamjn & LordHeretic “EARLY BIRDS!”
TheZeffsterr, Lugi Beats & Sidtiva “Motion”
Loco Buki “i98”
Mucksnipe “Stop Frontin’”
AshyMeat “Stone Cold Stunner”
Spidee! “Xannies & Panties”

Orphic Illusion Band Iowa

The Loud & Heavy Iowa playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring metal from Iowa, including thrash, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more.

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Glass Ox “Gaze of Colossus”
In Loving Memory “Crawling to Falling”
Orphic Illusion “No Room for Remorse”
Hairless Monk “Flight of Cetus”
Vended “Am I the Only One”
Phantom Threat “Cast for Corpse Duty”
The Rising Plague “The End of Civilization”
Bound by Entrails “Fault of Filth”
Sterling Bidler “Half Brained”
Deceptaloid “Rose Gold II”
Drowning Life “Leech”
MUTT I.A. “Haemolacria”
ILL OMEN feat. Frontal Assault “Born to Die”
Pets With Human Name “Tomahawk”
Dogs of Neptune “Sound of a Ghost”
Godcrutch “These Last Few Days”
Alexander Oden “Machete”
Falling to Grace “If the Beast is Dead…”

Run Wilson Iowa Band

The Iowa Rock playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring rock from Iowa, including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more.

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Lily DeTaeye “Hive Mind”
The River Monks “Loam and Rye”
Run Wilson “Twin”
Origami Animals “I’ll Do What I Want”
Austin Barnhill “Hideous Hiatus”
Kelsie James “Act My Age”
Sean Tyler “For You”
Cable the Man “Here With You (Happy 2nd Anniversary!)”
Lady Revel “Jeanette”
City Gardens “Daydream”
Satchel Bruna “Directionless Love”
Josh Elwer “Far from Home”
Jeff Schipull “Rainbows and Blowjobs”
BBjr “A Loving Cup”
The Velies “Tonight”
Guss Royall “Castle”
The New Bodies “One More Winter”
Electric Jury “The Nihilist”
Christopher the Conquered “Ordinary Person”
Lionessa “Old Empty House”

Dark Family Iowa

The Iowa Alt/Punk playlist was updated with 20 tracks featuring noise from the Iowa underground including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more.

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Volcano Boys “40 Days & 40 Nights”
Why Bother? “Cut to Pieces”
Pets With Human Names “Akratic”
FKA Climate “Personal Effect”
Easy Fruit “Weeds”
Wet Hair “The Labor of Love”
JCϟjp “say it with me!”
Goldblums “Dead Homie”
City Gardens “Satan (Took the Vaudeville Mews Away)”
24thankyou “Everything I Was, Burning Slow”
Subatlantic “Veronica Speedwell”
Iowa Junk “Money is a Madeup Concept”
The Vahnevants “Strange Change”
Dark Family “Sonic 666”
The Beveragemen “Modern Age”
The Horrors “Block of Wood”
Origami Animals “Hollywood Jesus”
Ten Grand “It Ain’t a Party Unless You’re Doing it With Someone Else in the Bathroom”
Stateparks “Glow”
The August Guns “Save Our Souls”

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