Iowa Playlist Updates: July 2023

Based in Cedar Rapids, villin curates several different Iowa music playlists, with new updates dropping weekly. Here are the playlists from this past month…

Iowa Beats & Bars Playlist: The playlist was updated with 60 tracks last month, featuring rap & hip-hop from Iowa, including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more.

TheZeffsterr “Compass”
SQ, Teller Bank$ & Rapswell “The Hela Cell”
Quan Duke “Theosis”
Riley Mobz “Sidekick”
Rhys WZA & Too Klean “Someday”
Deadstock (UVT Vin, Johnny Marz, H the Prodigy, B.Well, Bagz Marley & Pyko Da Syko) “The Lion’s Den”
Gifo “Self Care Day”
FlyLife “Seven Days”
Tdagod “Wave”
Dstreetmc “Let Me Know (When You Know)”
Cave Craig “Valley as Fuck”
Pyko Da Syko feat. FlyLife “Fly Route”
Benny the Jet, Poezy & Novet “X and O’s”
YMP Official “Made Me Do”
PettyAssPunkin “The City Woke”
Bloke C “The Blues”
Czheck “Just Life”
Spidee! “Krillin”
DRuss2x feat. Nickk “Glide”
(July 30, 2023 Update / Pictured: Riley Mobz)

Coolzey & DJ PRZM feat. Bru Lei & Raashan Ahmad “Judges”
Ancient Astronauts & Asphate “SUFFOC-HATE”
T.K.O “We up”
Legible, Tha Lonewolf, Sheaaa, Jayg & Tay Yung “Insomniac Cypher” Gadema “Stasis”
PettyAssPunkin “Hood N*gga”
Smoov G “Criminal Slang”
Chill Mac “Heart & Soul”
DizzoBay feat. Bobby Vuelo “Premonitions”
Chris Jones feat. LQ “Call on Me”
LivØnce “So Close”
Rome Oliver “Prideful”
B.Well feat. Annie Kemble “Last Call”
Sten Joddi “Reflections”
Killa Quey “150 LBS”
DiggsDaBeat & Dirt Lxrd “ZomB Walk’N”
TimBoobie “I Get It”
(July 16, 2023 Update / Pictured: B.Well and Annie Kemble, shot by Milk Chocolate Productions)

Nickk “FU2”
G-Walt “Northern Vessel”
Tripp Shelton “Love & Streetball”
Tameron & Its Kai “Diamond”
Lil Jodeci “Last Day Out”
Mango “Hard to Hide”
SCAREDKID feat. BUTT3R “Intentions”
Dstreetmc “Words That She Said”
Strangers of Necessity “Fundamental”
$penny “NOT ENOUGH”
GENIE feat. JandroBands & lui* “Body Rockin”
DJ BeeJay feat. Rahri GT & Timothy Flyte “Opps”
Young Hawk IA “CornHub”
Dessy X “Pay Day”
Julixn Leone feat. Ky Recklezz “I Tried”
Lexi X feat. Joey Draco “Bad Intentions”
Tone da Boss “Fun Dip”
Lani feat. PettyAssPinkin “Amoricito”
cri$is feat. GUSOFFICIAL “Rush”
(July 1, 2023 Update / Pictured: G-Walt)

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Drowning Life Band Iowa

Loud & Heavy Iowa Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring metal from Iowa, including thrash, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more.

Giallows “Doom”
Green Death “Hell Lives!”
East Madison “Broken Glass”
Hell Vendetta “The Wreckoning”
Drowning Life “Primal Intent”
Deplorable Immaculacy “Becoming the Devil”
B-REX “Debriefing”
Painface “GunSlinger (Deus Meus Mix)”
Riff Worm “RESIN WORM (All That You Can)”
Doom Tiger “Thermos, Pt. II: Escalate your Fears”
Mindrite “Number One”
Julixn Leone “The Hurting”
Saving Sidon “Shedding Skin”
Housefire “Something’s Wrong With Me”
Nethervoid “Of This Sacred Circle”
Infandous “Milk and Cookies”
All Guts No Glory “Road Song”
Salvaged “Reckless”
Burn the Ailment “Into Black”
xHRVSTRx “New Boot Goofin’”
(July 1, 2023 Update / Pictured: Drowning Life)

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Odd Pets Iowa

Iowa Alt/Punk Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring noise from the Iowa underground, including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more.

Traffic Death “Repeat Offender”
Glass Ox “Bag”
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Check Your Baby’s Eyes”
SLW cc Watt “Lost to Time”
Odd Pets “Go Easy”
The Hollowmen “Egad!”
The Bent Scepters “Shalako”
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Narlus Spectre”
Volt Rush Band “Love to You”
Drednex “Sally Anne”
The Tape-beatles “Joy and power”
carly rene “bittersweet”
Horny Genius “It / Or”
Enemies Closer “Your Mom’s Teenage Years”
Renø “Oh Well”
LOVESBLIND “painless”
Julixn Leone “Crash and Burn”
Index Case “Fifty5Ten”
Cirrus Minor “Seeers”
Goat Hill “The Torture”
(July 23, 2023 Update / Pictured: Odd Pets)

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Iowa Rock Playlist: The playlist was updated with 40 tracks, featuring rock from Iowa, including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more.

Courtney Krause “North”
Lily DeTaeye “East Coast Dreamboat”
SLW cc Watt “Real Bleak”
Enoch Smoky “It’s Cruel”
Condor and Jaybird “The Glory I”
Horny Genius “Faults”
Greg Brown “Cold & Dark & Wet”
Pink Neighbor “Ursula’s Fingers”
Davis John Patton “Rosewood”
24thankyou “Hound”
Extravision “The Fear of Missing Out”
Awful Purdies “I Got Friends”
the night lights “Skipping Like a Stone”
Flash in a Pan “On the Run”
Erick Hovey “When Will I See You Again”
Catfish Keith “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground”
David Zollo “Poor Backslider”
Tribe “‘Way She Goes”
root of noise “Dreamin”
The Autumn Project “Five”
(July 23, 2023 Update / Pictured: Courtney Krause)

Neil Anders “In Between”
EleanorGrace “Daydreams”
Elizabeth Moen “Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart”
Joe Price “Nobody But You”
Matt Woods “Sawdust and Gasoline”
Strong Like Bear “The Slow Collapse”
Superchief “Raise the Flag”
Volcano Boys “Move On”
Hex Girls “Electric Eel”
Ramona & the Sometimes “Lung Sandwich”
Halfloves “Not Too Keen”
Annalibera “Help Yourself”
Bonnie Koloc “Don’t Leave Me”
Emma Butterworth “Fool’s Gold”
Fred Love “On the Mend”
Abbie Sawyer “Love is a Flood”
Lodge Cove Collective “Nothing Behind”
The Ruralists “Secret Secret”
Purple Frank “Sick Boy”
Eric Paul “Is Something Wrong?”
(July 8, 2023 Update / Pictured: Neil Anders)

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Gold Revere Iowa

Iowa Pop Vibes Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20(ish) tracks, featuring pop music from Iowa, including dance, electropop, lounge, R&B, soul, and more.

Gold Revere “Muse”
24thankyou “I don’t know anything about time”
Alyx Rush & Jim Swim “Have to Move”
GnarlyJevy feat. Samuel Shabazz “Need Sum1”
Salt Fox “Pink Palm Trees”
thirtyfourpercent “ARMORRr”
HU$H “Coldthrust”
Diggy Danja “fighting”
Tameron “Satisfaction”
Extravision “Every Fear”
Jarrett Purdy & Lex Leto “N’importe Pas”
Dirty Little Rabbits “If”
Emma Butterworth “Someday”
Charles Easton “Damone Has Earth, Wind & Fire Tickets”
Ted When “Eyes Closed”
Patty Larkin “All That Innocence”
FKA Climate “Off”
Tall Doozy “I Cannot Lie”
T-Boz “Dreams”
Colo Chanel “Evol”
Lexi X “Wild Ones”
(July 16, 2023 Update / Pictured: Gold Revere)

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Palisades-Kepler State Park Iowa

Ethereal Iowa Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring ambient, classical, instrumentals and other chill vibes from Iowa.

Bruce Brubaker “Metamorphosis 5”
Arthur Russell “Fuzzbuster #10”
a. goodword “consider the potential,”
Lex Leto “the dark alone it were my own”
Bridget Kearney & Benjamin Lazar Davis “Firu”
Charles Easton “8:30 Reservations at Dorsia”
Saag Paneer “Meets Some Expectations”
Timo Andres, Conor Hanick & Sufjan Stevens “Mnemosyne”
Jaimeo Brown Transcendence “I Said”
The Well Pennies “The Endling”
Nickk “Inspiration”
Karen Gwyer “Lentil”
Pieta Brown “Little Swainson”
Patty Waters “Touched By Rodin in a Paris Museum”
Sharel Cassity “Love’s Lament”
Kyler Boss “Reaching Out”
Gravis Somnia “Burial of a Dream”
Slipknot “What’s Next”
Goldblums “another little trip to wits’ end…”
(July 6, 2023 Update / Pictured: Palisades-Kepler State Park)

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