Iowa Playlist Updates: July 2022

Based in Cedar Rapids, villin curates several different Iowa music playlists, with new music dropping weekly. Here are the updates from this past month…

Iowa Rap & Hip-Hop Playlist

Alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, R&B, trap & more. Listen via…

cri$is “Siditty”
UVT Vin “Fewtch Said”
Loco Buki feat. DRXCULV “Orcas”
Teller Bank$ “911 Freestyle”
Chill Mac feat. Andre Davis “No Shame”
Tino Cruze “Tables Turn”
Young Rambo “I Make It Feel Like”
Ray West feat. T-Bear “Good Bud”
Diggy Danja “HeartFelt”
(July 26, 2022 Update / Pictured: Chill Mac)

Gifo “All the Time”
Spayce “SorryNotSorry”
MG Moeski “Pictures on the Wall”
BabyLoc feat. YungDough2x “Can’t Fall in Love”
Strangers of Necessity “Visions”
BN WhoIAm “Gonna”
TheZeffsterr “Keep Workin’”
Tre Nitty Gritty “SUCCA FREE”
Lou Kane & Ike Midas “We the Gang”
Shaky Shawn999 “Road Runnin’”
(July 18, 2022 Update / Pictured: BN WhoIAm)

ATG Duke feat. Blazo & Tas Raww “Robert Horry”
Riley Mobz feat. LA-B “Pay 4 It”
SLY Swift & Dillon Fuego “2 AM”
K Roll “Lord Knows I’m Trying”
JandroBands “Thugz Don’t Cry”
That Honorroll KID feat. 1400slim “FEELS DIFFERENT”
Buddha 2x feat. K Roll “WTW?”
Imma “Slept”
Tone da Boss feat. Ike Midas “Give Me My Ring”
G-Walt “Silky Smooth Lagoon”
(July 13, 2022 Update / Pictured: ATG Duke)

Benny the Jet “Heartbreak Summer”
xco$mox “Mar$ Exp”
Rome Oliver “Cut You Off”
Entre Luche feat. Nova & That Honorroll KID “How 2 Love”
Maxilla Blue “The Serpent’s Twist”
Tha Füt “M.P.K. (Money Power Kontrol)”
Rahlan Kay feat. EJ Swavv “Sink”
Vitamjn “Medication”
Ahzia “The Wav.”
(July 7, 2022 Update / Pictured: Benny the Jet)

Iowa Rap & Hip-Hop YouTube Playlist

Music videos showcasing beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, R&B, trap, underground and more. Watch on YouTube.

Strangers of Necessity “Reflektions”
Juliano Dock feat. FlyLife & Ace Forgiato “smooth wit the rake”
Tone Da Boss feat. Ike Midas “Give Me My Ring”
GnarlyJevy “GUTTA”
Dillon Fuego feat. Benny the Jet “Too Late”
Imma “Stressin”
Xavy Rusan “Ga$ Money”
Beezy Tha Real “Make a Way”
Midwest Matthew “The Kill”
imperfekt “IMPcredible Part 1”
(July 20, 2022 Update / Pictured: Imma “Stressin”)

Aubs. “Choices.” (video by Young Creatives)
DK Imamu Akachi “Right On (Remix)” (video by 2DV Productions)
B.WELL feat. Sqvce “Temptation” (produced by Marqell O’Connor / video by Jimmy Gourmet)
Rahlan Kay feat. EJ Swavv “Sink” (video by Young Creatives)
TCfrmhonorroll “Ball Hog” (video by Imani Visuals)
Teller Bank$ “Teller Westbrook” (video by Milk Chocolate Productions)
Riley Mobz “It’s You” (video by Young Creatives)
SiFutheSensai “For Life” (video by Honeywave Media)
Johnny Marz feat. Psychedelic Sidekick “Road Trip” (produced by B. Young / video by Kessel Kreations Media)
Juliano Dock “Ventilation” (produced by Nascent / video by Hoodwill Gunting)
(July 8, 2022 Update / Pictured: B.WELL feat. Sqvce “Temptation”)

Iowa Electronic & Dance Playlist

Drum & bass, EDM, glitch, house, progressive, trance and more. Listen via…

Husoul “Reach”
Unamedcreator “Outdoors”
Flynn Zarkafee “Closure (Extended Mix)”
Vitamjn feat. Manii “HYPNOTOAD”
AJ Young & Digital Discord “Hi Senpai!”
Prophet of Jupiter “Gaba”
Sweez “FunkyTime”
Flex Bormarr “Subtle Symphony”
Purchase “Performance Mode (Extended Mix)”
(July 30, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Sweez)

Neon Dawn “Prophecy I”
Djemba Djemba “roll it again”
SHIKIMO “Constellation”
Mark Rushton “Hop Skip and Jump”
Friendly Donut Shop “Till Next Time”
Vitamjn & do not resurrect “ZERO”
Darkgrey “The Reaper (Original Mix)”
Marionettes “Alien Drag Queen”
Dick Stryker “Ikana”
The Red Gnoll “Glow of the Nights Fire”
(July 15, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: SHIKIMO)

Limit Infrared “Complications”
NightRazor “Vanity Base”
ALIGN & Blookah “Not Many Know”
8 Bit Cypher “Torch (Original Mix)”
End of Physics “All Rhodes Lead to You”
Sinner Frenz “V is for Vocabulary”
Orange Juice Avalanche “Beacon”
Shikimo “Aurora”
9ObeyGrey “Dogma”
thirtyfourpercent “crunch desire”
(July 3, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Blookah)

Iowa Nature

Ethereal Iowa Playlist

Ambient, classical, instrumentals and other chill vibes. Listen via…

Mark Rushton “Coming Out of Anesthesia”
Nicholas Naioti “The Fragrance”
McLarnan “Sonus”
Naughts” “Listless”
Plastic Sunsets “Djinn Lullaby”
Genevieve Salamone “Brave”
Orobadion “Perilin”
Make-Believe Machines “This Olive Branch is a Hornet’s Nest”
Friendly Donut Shop “3am (Everything at Peace)”
Sinner Frenz “Cardano ADA”
(July 23, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Wapsipinicon State Park)

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