Iowa Playlist Updates: June 2023

Based in Cedar Rapids, villin curates several different Iowa music playlists, with new updates dropping weekly. Here are the playlists from this past month…

Iowa Beats & Bars Playlist: The playlist was updated with 40 tracks last month, featuring rap & hip-hop from Iowa, including alternative, beats, boom bap, instrumentals, old school, trap & more.

Maxilla Blue “The Art of Selection”
Spaz2Cold “2cold”
AshyMeat “Fleet Farm Extendos”
Late Street feat. Havoc The Addict “Long Days, Longer Nights”
Psychedelic Sidekick feat. Gifo “Smoke This”
Xavy Rusan & Gavin Luke “Ga$ Money (Orchestral Version)”
The Uniphonics “One Way to Know”
Jeremy Kyle feat. T.O.T “Ride”
Derek James feat. GrindBoi “Break Me Down”
Bonezy Bad “Progressive”
Imperfekt feat. Rahlan Kay “Broken World”
whatupVERN feat. Teller Bank$ “take me home”
clayy “street poetry”
TéGwap “Concrete Flowers”
May Star “Can’t Replace”
GnarlyJevy feat. Faze “MAXED OUT!”
Amythest feat. Buddy Force “After Life”
K Roll “I Don’t Dance Now”
MeepMode x Dirt Nasty Beats “Newport”
Sight Lives “CREEP”
(June 16, 2023 Update / Pictured: Ashy Meat, photo by Milk Chocolate Productions)

Brady Raps “Baby”
Aree Love “Areeveli”
LivØnce feat. Rowdy Kranz & Wrekonize “We Up”
Monk “Burn”
Vitamjn x Notions “RAZOR!” (produced by NiceMemeSound)
Dria Danielle “Baddie Alert”
Richmobb Sarod feat. Richmobb Devo “Millionaire Vibes”
TayySavo “Deserved It”
Ahzia “Trial & Error”
Its Kai “After Hours”
Shakka Davis “Habits”
Timothy Flyte “Grey”
Ok Koo “Untamed”
BumRap “Lone Wolves”
Asphate “Mannequin Challenge”
Aeon Grey x Purify “Nazca”
Offwhyte feat. Open I & DJ TouchNice “All Told”
Charlie Curtis-Beard feat. Naethan Apollo & Carter Ace “BUNS”
Sendo ofRMS “Ok Alr, Ok Alr”
TheZeffsterr “Bad Bad”
(June 5, 2023 Update / Pictured: LivØnce)

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Glass Ox Iowa Band

Loud & Heavy Iowa Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring metal from Iowa, including thrash, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more.

Jim-Jones “Reanimated”
Glass Ox “Nature Scorned”
Superchief “Leviathan”
Already Broken “Obsequies”
The Curse of Hail “Deathmask Divine”
Greg the Hero “Kingmaker”
Manhattan Blockade “It’s Not Over”
Kyler Boss “Doom”
Doppelganger “I Was God Once”
Romeo Tried “Finland!”
Mortiferous Scorn “Nothing Left”
The Rising Plague “Burn the Remains”
Alexander Oden “Oblivion”
Overtire “SWINE”
Abdicate “Divine Redemption”
MUTT IA “I Know”
Beelzejud “Hope”
Skin of Earth “Olympus Mons”
Aeonian Winter “Stygian Forest”
(June 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Glass Ox)

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Ten Grand Iowa Band

Iowa Alt/Punk Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring noise from the Iowa underground, including punk, garage, psych, hardcore, post-punk, pop punk, emo, alt. rock, and more.

Gleaner “Unless”
Basketball Divorce Court “RAWR XD”
The August Guns “Speak True”
Ten Grand “Wedding Song for Steve and Angie”
Musty Flick “Don’t You Break My Heart”
Moonrabbit “Something for Everyone”
Goldblums “kill em up close (-18)”
Ira Rat “Cellar Door”
Arthur Russell “Wax the Van”
The Old Scratch Revival Singers “Changed Man”
Eugene Levy “Instead of Flowers (Alternate)”
Manhattan Blockade “Don’t Taze Me, Bro!”
August Gonzalez feat. Jay Wetterling “SEE TMRW”
Joretta Oaks “California”
The Eleanors “Autographs in Hell”
Americature “Purpose”
Mike Vallely and the Complete Disaster “The Best of the Best”
Marmot “The Wolf and I”
DAIZEY “Residue”
TANG “Voyage Domino”
(June 27, 2023 Update / Pictured: Ten Grand)

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Iowa Rock Playlist: The playlist was updated with 40 tracks, featuring rock from Iowa, including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more.

Kevin Burt “Something Special About You”
Kelly Pardekooper “Brand New Bag”
Tripmaster Monkey “Ruined in Rouen”
Over the River “Down”
Jordan Sellergren “Like Water”
Jordan Jeffrey Messerole “Take It With You When You Leave”
English “Man with No Name”
Alex Arthur “We Grew Up”
House of Large Sizes “Carpool Lung”
BONNE “Beauty in Ashes”
Arthur Russell “Your Motion Says”
Nick Wilkins “Streems”
Dirty Blonde “She Wore Blue”
Run Wilson “Crows”
Crystal City “Public Square”
Chrash “Didn’t We Have History Together”
28 Days Later “Right on Red”
Brian Johannesen “Maggie Valley”
Davis John Patton “We Can Find a Place”
The Host Country “We All Die Alone”
(June 25, 2023 Update / Pictured: House of Large Sizes)

Miss Christine “My Brain”
Trevor Sensor “Sedgwick”
GhostCat “Lucille”
McLarnan “An Accidental Wish Upon Your Unlucky Star”
Emma Butterworth “Dance of the Dead”
Kelsie James “Things That We Don’t Talk About”
William J Locker “Hook”
Elizabeth Moen “Headgear”
Pictoria Vark “Wyoming”
Penny Peach “Leddin It All Go”
Sara Routh “Evelyn”
William Elliott Whitmore “Healing to Do”
James Tutson “Back Down”
The Maytags “Pt. 3”
Diplomats of Solid Sound “Don’t Touch My Popcorn”
Anthony Worden “Voilà”
Christian Lief “Freaks in Disguise”
Seth Cloe and the Silver Liners “Borrowed Time”
Hot Kunch “Water Boi”
Bouquet “Curtain Call”
(June 10, 2023 Update / Pictured: Emma Butterworth)

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Jarrett Purdy Lex Leto Iowa

Iowa Pop Vibes Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20(ish) tracks, featuring pop music from Iowa, including dance, electropop, lounge, R&B, soul, and more.

Jarrett Purdy & Lex Leto “WHATEVER I WANT”
Ali & August “Magic”
Miss223 “Free Fly”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs feat. Perfume Genius “Spitting Off the Edge of the World”
Contakta “The Light”
Annie Kemble “Your Love is Profound”
Lily DeTaeye “Sensitive”
Patty Larkin “Hallelujah”
Andrew Hoyt feat. Michael Incavo “365”
GnarlyJevy feat. JOE BROWN “Up All Night”
Jim Swim “Griffen’s Song”
OwenZane “Modern Era Psychedelium”
Sarah Darling “Waves”
Maxy Jury “Sweet Lie”
Bridget Kearney “Wash Up”
Split Decision Band “Night Dancer”
ZZZAY “The End”
Bryon Dudley & Rachel Dudley “Now or Never”
BONNE “Contender”
(June 28, 2023 Update / Pictured: Jarrett Purdy, Lex Leto, Nolan Schroeder & Justin LeDuc)

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Karen Gwyer Electronic Music Iowa

Electronic Iowa Playlist: The playlist was updated with 20 tracks, featuring electronic and dance music from Iowa, including drum & bass, EDM, glitch, house, progressive, trance and more.

Dead Beat! “KTFO”
End of Physics “Mind Games”
Karen Gwyer “He’s Been Teaching Me to Drive”
Husoul “Eternity”
Tech N9ne & HU$H “Let Lost Happen”
Ketamonster “Psywave”
Neon Dawn “Nibiru Cataclysm”
Medicine Place x ObeyGrey “HYPNOTHERAPY”
Kid Froopy “Drive Slow”
Shikimo “Dimension Shift”
Blookah “Game Over”
Night Stories “Sam’s Equinox”
Tires “EP3 – Twelve”
Ursus “Anx(us)”
Chaircrusher “Unnamed #1”
Sweez “Sound Pressure”
Vlad Tocsydoc “Neutron Star”
Sinner Frenz “Low Key”
This Man’s Electric “Mirrors”
(June 12, 2023 Update / Pictured: Karen Gwyer)

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