Loud & Heavy Iowa: October 2023

Modern Life is War Iowa Band

The Loud & Heavy Iowa playlist features metal from Iowa including thrash, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more. (Pictured: Modern Life is War)

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Apollo’s Hold “I Am”

Hello Ramona “No Turning Back”

Rehtek “O.I.T.N.”

The Local Machinist “Remains of the Overlord”

Too Pure To Die “Resist”

Riff Worm & the Heist “Stoned Roller”

Modern Life is War “A Tale of Two Cities”

For Today “No Truth, No Sacrifice”

Already Broken “Chatter”

Tomb of the Unknown “Time Travelers”

Megapunch “Resurrection Machine”

Druids “Desert Rites”

Blood Spell “Ascension”

Nethervoid “Burial Bluffs”

Moon Summoner “Divination”

Closet Witch feat. Dylan Walker “My Words Are Sacred”

Backstab “Bottomfeeder”

Nyhilist “Warpath”

Archives “Reflections”

Saving Sidon “Parker, You Are Such a Boyscout”

Shattered Crown “Victims”

Elision “Headlines”

Iowa music playlists are at the heart of what drives villin. These playlists look to explore new releases from across the state, while also providing a look into the rearview by celebrating noteworthy local music from years gone by. Click here to discover more music from Iowa’s local and homegrown talent.

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