Electronic Iowa

The Electronic Iowa playlist features electronic and dance music from Iowa including drum & bass, EDM, glitch, house, progressive, trance and more.

Tracklist Updates:

Colin Cook Iowa Electronic DJ EDM

Neon Dawn “Nightbreed”
Blookah “The Proof”
Ursus “The Journey”
Husoul “Rotting the ether”
Sinner Frenz “Disconnect”
Tires “EP3 – Ten”
Shikimo “Daydream”
Young Hawk IA “Galactic Vibrations”
Phoenix Novatron “mellow”
IAMGIFTED “plutonic landing”
PARTÎ feat. Ketamonster “Happiness”
Colin Cook “Until the Lights Come On”
Nicky Rage “Bounce”
Prophet of Jupiter “Pax Atomica”
Fyoomz “Invisible Touch”
Flex Bormarr “Preferred Protein”
Slow 404 “Do Your Thing (Yeah)”
Chaircrusher “Giving”
Bodiah “Relic Pain”
Stovetop “Exhale (Postlude)”
(May 14, 2023 Update / Pictured: Colin Cook)

Josh Michalec Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Ketamonster “Microdot”
Dead Beat! “DWUFM”
86plot “Thirst”
Josh Michalec “Feel the Groove”
Goatfoam “Cafe Descanso”
Nicky Rage “Pesante”
Slow 404 “Daydreams of Dark Caverns”
Ryan Phelan “Told Ya”
GetWright feat. Wissal “O.T.C”
Tanpura Express “Do the Swirl”
(April 8, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Josh Michalec)

T1LLY S1LLYTUNEZ Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Haploid “Intro”
NightRazor “Nitropolis (jacket. remix)”
Young Hawk IA “New Beginnings”
End of Physics “Marisa Flying Overhead”
Dead Beat! “Genie”
SHIKIMO & Syst3m Glitch “Divergence”
S1LLYTUNEZ “Plug Talk”
UnamedCreator “Confidence”
Chaircrusher “Attatekini”
Djemba Djemba “Hummingbird”
(March 18, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: T1LLY of S1LLYTUNEZ)

Barry Phipps Electronic Musician

Husoul “This is the end”
Prophet of Jupiter “Depth Charge”
King Klang “Bflb”
ObeyGrey “MOCHI ICE”
Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Five”
Naughts “Illustration”
Fyoomz “Not Afraid”
Deceptaloid “Fuschia”
DEAD ENSIGN “I Gave Robocop a Nightmare (Too Many Benadryl)”
NightRazor “Freeway Buzzbomb”
(February 18, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Barry Phipps)

Slow 404 Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Blookah “Be Okay”
Env!sioN “Miami”
William J Locker “Brainwash”
Slow 404 “Kaleidoscope”
Dirt Nasty Beats “Ghost Face Iller”
ObeyGrey “Hellhounds”
Stovetop “Twilight (Instrumental)”
Neon Dawn “Cosmic Coast”
Flex Bormarr “Stardyle”
(January 27, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Slow 404)

Clarisse Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Ursus “Fin.”
Clarisse feat. White Flashes “Blocks”
Riquinni “Orange Road”
Shikimo “Emotion”
Bodiah “Elysian Snare”
Chaircrusher “Opal Andromeda”
Dr. D0wney “Jungle Run”
Reidwell “Flow”
Quincy Mumford “Major Love (Blookah remix)”
Dead Beat! “ThinkAboutMe2”
(December 8, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Clarisse)

Fyoomz Iowa Music Dance Electronic

Shikimo “Sunsets”
Flex Bormarr “Searchlight”
Guilt Chip & Fyoomz “Funeral”
Husoul “Evil eyes”
Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “Return”
End of Physics “Insurrection”
Prophet of Jupiter “Time To Dance (Original Mix)”
NightRazor “ReControl”
Flynn Zarkafee “Flynn Zarkafee”
(November 19, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Fyoomz)

Nicky Rage Iowa EDM Electronic Music

Dead Beat! “EVERYBODY”
Blookah feat. Novet “Start My Day”
Double Figure “Mouse Soup”
AJ Young “Witchcraft & Wubbery”
This Man’s Electric “Eclipse”
Kage “Flatline”
Nicky Rage “Mask On”
Sweez “Voyager”
Sinner Frenz “Cardano ADA”
Ursus “Sundown”
(October 14, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Nicky Rage)

Flex Bormarr Iowa Electronic Dance Music EDM

Magic in the Rain “some get it”
Neon Dawn “Silver Savior”
Flex Bormarr “Month of Tomorrow”
DVNCER “whvtever”
Chaircrusher “Balsamic Remora”
8 Bit Cypher “Haywire”
End of Physics “Dee-(P-)”
Tj F1gh “Sioux City Anthem”
SNAG “Deep dive in”
thirtyfourpercent “still ephemeral”
(October 1, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Flex Bormarr )

Mustafa Avdic Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Fyoomz “Faxing Berlin”
Dead Beat! “Bless You (Radio Edit)”
Husoul “Ascension”
Dr. D0WNEY “The Darkened Tongue”
Reidwell “Statues”
SHIKIMO “Zodiac”
11 Clouds “Tribe”
Vlad Tocsydoc “Aberdeen”
Mustafa Avdic & Matt Rissi “Oktave Jumper”
Colin Cook “An Outing Or Something”
(September 18, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Mustafa Avdic)

Reno Iowa Electronic Dance Music

End of Physics “AtsuiS T R E E T S 1 9 8 5”
Alienate “Youtopia”
Env!isioN “Date Night”
deathsongx3 “Inspire”
11 Clouds “Rapid”
This Man’s Electric “Static Dream”
Renø “OMW”
Ursus “VideoDrome (Rebuttle_)”
Double Figure “Wilmer Road”
People Legend “Muddy Caves”
(September 3, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Renø)

ObeyGrey Iowa Electronic EDM Music

NightRazor “Operation Wolf 1061”
thirtyfourpercent “chn”
SHIKIMO “Stardust”
Husoul “A N X I E T Y”
Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “She Comes in Waves”
Sterling Bidler “Come Again”
ALIGN & Blookah “Warm Memories”
ObeyGrey “The Walker”
King Klang “Split”
(August 13, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: ObeyGrey)

Sweez Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Husoul “Reach”
Unamedcreator “Outdoors”
Flynn Zarkafee “Closure (Extended Mix)”
Vitamjn feat. Manii “HYPNOTOAD”
AJ Young & Digital Discord “Hi Senpai!”
Prophet of Jupiter “Gaba”
Sweez “FunkyTime”
Flex Bormarr “Subtle Symphony”
Purchase “Performance Mode (Extended Mix)”
(July 30, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Sweez)

SHIKIMO Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Neon Dawn “Prophecy I”
Djemba Djemba “roll it again”
SHIKIMO “Constellation”
Mark Rushton “Hop Skip and Jump”
Friendly Donut Shop “Till Next Time”
Vitamjn & do not resurrect “ZERO”
Darkgrey “The Reaper (Original Mix)”
Marionettes “Alien Drag Queen”
Dick Stryker “Ikana”
The Red Gnoll “Glow of the Nights Fire”
(July 15, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: SHIKIMO)

Blookah Iowa Electronic Dance Music

Limit Infrared “Complications”
NightRazor “Vanity Base”
ALIGN & Blookah “Not Many Know”
8 Bit Cypher “Torch (Original Mix)”
End of Physics “All Rhodes Lead to You”
Sinner Frenz “V is for Vocabulary”
Orange Juice Avalanche “Beacon”
Shikimo “Aurora”
9ObeyGrey “Dogma”
thirtyfourpercent “crunch desire”
(July 3, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Blookah)

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