Ethereal Iowa: November 2023


The Ethereal Iowa playlist features ambient, classical, experimental, instrumentals and other chill vibes from Iowa.

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Ian Landuyt “Emotionless Desert”

Extravision “Spiritual Ritual”

a. goodword “The memory is the least of it -“

Bruce Brubaker “Emerald and Stone”

McLarnan “Reconnect”

Lex Leto “I AM THE MAN”

FVNTVNV “Reflection Pond”

Orange Juice Avalanche “Fantasmagoria”

Alienate “Water Xtal”

Shard “Absence”

Ira Rat “Algorithms > Feelings”

Huxley Madeline “Interlude 2”

The Tape-beatles “Point within a circle”

Cable the Man “June (Conclusion)”

The River Monks “Overture”

Aleodeology “Ever So Slowly”

Slow 404 “(re)creation”

root of noise “I Still Don’t Know If I Know”

Fawlty “Happy Blade Runner”

BBJr “Love Theme from ‘Lovewar’”

Ambient Matyk “Inside the Graveyard”

Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Thirteen”

Pets With Human Names “Crystals”

Justin K. Comer & David Clair “confound”

Garrett Joseph’s Ver Sacrum “Introduction”

Awful Purdies “Gunshy (Intro)”

Satchel Bruna “Beautiful Franchesca Mae”

Hurry Up, Brothers “Crushing Nostalgia”

JCϟjp “chickie-baby (カラオケ edition)”

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Burning Up”

Pictured: Dunning’s Spring Park.

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