Ethereal Iowa: January 2024

Cedar Rapids Winter Snow

The Ethereal Iowa playlist features ambient, classical, experimental, instrumentals and other chill vibes from Iowa.

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Bruce Brubaker “Music for Airports, 1/1”

Christian Lief “CREATURE”

Slow 404 “crime report”

NightRazor “FALL”

My Love Underwater “Amended Return”

FVNTVNV “Die Riddim (Interlude)”

Byrun & Bornguesser “Rest Assured”

Alienate “Make Me Love Me”

BUTT3R “why am i here”

Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Twenty Four”

Arthur Russell “Not Checking Up”

Karen Gwyer “Nail Bars of the Apocalypse”

BBJr “No Road Long Enough”

Extravision “Silver Moon Sliver”

Pets With Human Names “Hollow”

Geneviève Gros-Louis “THE FLOWER MOON”

Lex Leto “gather”

McLarnan “To Memories We Can’t Recall”

Finally Some Action “The Ladder”

Phoenix Novatron “Diet Mt. Dew”