“When you’re so young and you start so young, you don’t really know yourself, and so I started transitioning as I got a little bit older, when I was 17/18, I got into the electronic and pop scene more. I would write with different people, and everyone’s got their different creative take on production or lyric, so my palette was open to a lot of different ideas and a lot of different options. So, it was kind of a spider web of writing with other people, and it was like this growing underground electronic scene in Nashville and it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can actually… I can do this?’ So, I started to follow down that path and I am loving it. That’s where we’re at now, so it’s quite a stretch from starting country and then do doing, like, a 180 doing pop/electronic music.” —Molly Svrcina, via Lemonade Magazine

“Deeper” was released by SVRCINA (Molly Svrcina) in February of 2017.