“We get to be the voice for people who can’t be heard. Even with that approach, we didn’t want to go in and attack anyone. It’s always more to the story, we wanted to touch all sides. We didn’t want to go in and make a, ‘fuck the police record’ and we didn’t want to go in and make a record that the police are right. Every situation is different; our goal was to display how it plays out on both sides. We understand how good cops can be in predicaments to have an unfortunate outcome, and on the same token, we understand how bad cops work as well. Us being on the outside [means] we can also incorporate how an everyday good samaritan can end up in the mix of an outcome they didn’t deserve.” -Starlito, via DJ Booth

The music video for Starlito & Don Trip’s “Good Cop Bad Cop” was co-directed by Charles M. Robinson and Willie C. Robinson. The track comes from the duo’s Step Brother 3 collaboration.