“It’s been 40 years since Robyn Hitchcock released his first recordings with the psychedelic pop band The Soft Boys, and more than 35 since his solo debut. In the decades since, he’s recorded 21 hooky and playfully eccentric albums, and earned a reputation as one of the most prolific and wonderful stage-banterers in rock history. Now, at 63 — in time for album No. 21, the first to be titled simply Robyn Hitchcock — he sounds renewed, refreshed and irascibly rambunctious.”NPR

“Having relocated to Nashville, Hitchcock recruited Brendan Benson to co-produce with him this time, resulting in a self-titled, firecracker of a record that honors his past without wallowing in it.”Paste

“Time Coast” is the final track on Robyn Hitchcock’s 2017 self-titled album, released via Yep Roc Records. The album also features “guitarist Annie McCue, bassist Jon Estes and drummer Jon Radford, with a big stack of harmony vocal contributions from Emma Swift, Grant Lee Phillips, Gillian Welch and Pat Sansone.