RISEabove is a regularly updated Spotify workout mix for the gym.

RISEabove1: EDM

1) DJ Shadow “The Mountain Will Fall”
2) Moby “Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)”
3) Rudimental feat. John Newman) “Feel the Love”
4) M.I.A. “Bad Girls”
5) Binary Finary “1998”
6) Grimes “Flesh Without Blood”
7) Lorde “Green Light”
8) Bassnectar feat. W. Darling “You & Me”
9) Underworld “Cowgirl”

RISEabove2: Punk and Rock

1) Queens of the Stone Age “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire”
2) Youth of Today “Make a Change”
3) OFF! “Darkness”
4) Green Day “Jaded”
5) Beastie Boys “Time For Livin’”
6) Rancid “Antennas”
7) Turbonegro “Prince of the Rodeo”
8) Ween “I’ll Be Your Johnny on the Spot”
9) Datenight “One Last Time”
10) Minor Threat “Small Man, Big Mouth”
11) Bad Brains “I Against I”
12) The Bronx “Heart Attack American”
13) NOFX “And Now for Something Completely Similar”
14) Rancid “Reconciliation”
15) Rocket From The Crypt “Carne Voodoo”
16) Swingin’ Utters “Five Lessons Learned”
17) Thee Oh Sees “Maze Fancier”
18) Sum 41 “Never Wake Up”
19) Guttermouth “I’m Destroying the World”
20) OFF! “Upside Down”
21) Ty Segall Band “Slaughterhouse”
22) Misfits “Walk Among Us”
23) Bad Religion “Hear It”
24) Herzog “Full Stick”
25) Dropkick Murphys “Your Spirit’s Alive”

RISEabove3: Rap and Hip-Hop

1) Lushlife feat. CSLSX and Killer Mike “This Ecstatic Cult”
2) Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz “6 Foot 7 Foot”
3) Jurassic 5 feat. Percy P and Big Daddy Kane “A Day at the Races”
4) Walt Flames “TeamRocket”
5) Pusha T “F.I.F.A.”
6) The Streets “Trust Me”
7) EL-P “The Full Retard”
8) Busta Rhymes “Fire”
9) 2 Chains and Lil Wayne “Bounce”
10) Mura Masa feat. A$AP Rocky “Love$ick”
11) Danny Brown “When it Rains”
12) The Roots “Thought @ Work”
13) Viktor Vaughn “Saliva”
14) Run the Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)”

RISEabove4: Punk and Heavy Music

1) Refused “New Noise”
2) Queens of the Stone Age “Regular John”
3) Misfits “Green Hell”
4) Rancid “I Am Forever”
5) Articles of Faith “Buried Alive”
6) …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead “Weight of the Sun (Or the Post-Modern Prometheus)”
7) Deftones “Swerve City”
8) GBH “Heavy Discipline”
9) AFI “Dancing Through Sunday”
10) Bullets and Octane “I Ain’t Your Savior”
11) Gay Witch Abortion “Action Cop”
12) Snot “Joy Ride”
13) Priestess “Lay Down”
14) Rites of Spring “By Design”
15) Beastie Boys “Lee Majors Comes Again”
16) Dropkick Murphys “Devil’s Brigade”
17) Minor Threat “12XU”
18) In Flames “Clayman”

RISEabove5: EDM

1) Justice “Genesis”
2) Cash Cash feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B. & Neon Hitch “Devil”
3) Rudimental feat. Foxes “Right Here”
4) Bassnectar feat. Gnar Gnar & Born I Music “I’m Up”
5) Chase and Status feat. Liam Bailey “Blind Faith”
6) Cassius “Brotherhood”
7) Hudson Mohawke “Thunder Bay”
8) The Prodigy “Wild Frontier”
9) The Chemical Brothers feast Q-Tip “Go”
10) Jack Ü feat. Kiesza “Take Ü There”
11) Underworld “Scribble”

RISEabove6: Rap and Hip-Hop

1) Run the Jewels “Blockbuster Night Part 1”
2) Chance the Rapper feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz “No Problem”
3) Busta Rhymes “Woo Hah!! (Got You All in Check)”
4) Koi Child “Black Panda”
5) Despot “House of Bricks”
6) Aesop Rock “None Shall Pass”
7) Pusha T feat. Kanye West “New God Flow”
8) Royce Da 5’9” feat. Travis Barker “Legendary”
9) Dels “Shapeshift”
10) The Roots feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn “Understand”
11) Lil Wayne “A Milli”
12) Big Boi feat. T.I. & Ludacris “In The A”

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