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Savoy Motel “Souvenir Shop Rock” Video

“Souvenir Shop Rock” is from Savoy Motel’s 2016 self-titled LP. The music video for the track was directed by Dylan Carver.

Turbo Fruits “Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)” Video

“Get Up Get On Down” is from the Echo Kid LP, released in 2009 by Turbo Fruits via Fat Possum Records. The music video for the track was…

litkaby “Crazy, Happy Times with You”

Produced by Nathan Zensen, “Crazy, Happy Times with You” was released in 2014 on the collaborative Just Because (Japanese Import) EP by litkaby (Kaby and P.A. Lit).

Truth Clipsy “Weary Blues of the Fearless Few” Video

Produced by Caveman The Wise, “Weary Blues of the Fearless Few” is from Truth Clipsy’s 2013 Forever Free release. The music video for the song was directed and…

ELEL “Animal”

“Animal” is from ELEL’s Geode LP, released in 2016 via Mom + Pop.

Savoy Motel “Western Version Boogie” Video

“Savoy Motel recreate the sounds of the ’70s using the ’90s pastiche techniques of Beck, Ween and Royal Trux, compacting glam-rock, southern boogie, and Stax sax stabs into…

Andy Ferro “Hood” Video

“Hood” was released on Andy Ferro’s 2016 Muirhead tape. The music video for the track was directed by Yanira Vissepo.

Karen Elson “Call Your Name” Video

“[Fashion is] a really weird reality to have your worth based on how you appear. It’s not normal, and I understand that. I think that you have to…

The Ettes “Excuse” Video

“‘Excuse’ is just a direct call out to people who talk a big talk but don’t actually do anything, especially about their own problems or their own situations….

Hans Condor “Time, Rhyme or Reason” Video

“I had the idea for the video after a trip to the recycling center in East Nashville. It was right after that flood [in the spring of 2010]….

Teddy and The Rough Riders “Jamboree”

“Jamboree” was released in 2016 by Teddy and The Rough Riders.

Liz Cooper & The Stampede “Mountain Man” Video

This live performance of “Mountain Man” by Liz Cooper & The Stampede was recorded October 10, 2016 by Audio Tree.

Pow Shadowz “Alien Frame”

Original Nastyville G: The Emperor Strikes Back by Pow Shadowz “Alien Frame” was produced by 6Blocc, and is taken from the 2017 Original Nastyville G: The Emperor Strikes…

KID$ & BukuSteez “1of1 (Remix)”

Produced by Unhappy Hank, this BukuSteez feature remixes KID$’s 2016 “1of1” release.

Party Trash “Night Flash” Video

“Night Flash” is from the 2011 Alone LP by Party Trash.

Blastoids “Show Me Around” Video

“Show Me Around” is from the 2011 Since Forever EP by Blastoids. The music video for the track was directed and produced by Charles Hareford.

Crease Reader “Hour Glass”

Petti Sound Sessions by Crease Reader “Hour Glass” is from Crease Reader’s Petti Sound Sessions tape, recorded and mixed by Mark Petaccia from August 17 to 19, 2015…

Sturgill Simpson “Call To Arms” (Live on Saturday Night Live)

“It took me this long to get right here. [But] this isn’t all I want, this isn’t all I know my music [can do]… I know that there…