“It was very interesting growing up in an all-girls private school and one of, like, 10 people of color. I’m multi-racial. I’m Puerto Rican and black. So growing up in predominately black schools was hard too, because I didn’t exactly look like other people. I spoke proper, so I was picked on in the all-black community in the public school. And I went to a private school and then I became ‘the black girl.’ So it was interesting not really having like a place where I felt like I could have my own identity. I had to just find myself and get comfortable with who I am. … I just kind of created my own world, really, and that’s what forced me to be creative as an artist.” —Kiya Lacey, via NPR World Cafe

Produced by Moe Suave, “FCKBYZ” was released by Kiya Lacey in September of 2016.