“I’ve been pulled towards DJ culture for as long as I can remember. I had a fascination with rhythm from very early on, and I started to play the drums at three years old. I think that’s the foundation of my interest in DJing. And that brings me to my father, Alan Shacklock, and the influences he’s had on me musically. He’s been involved with music his whole life, and he always nudged me toward music and supported me in my sonic exploration. I remember when he gave me my first entirely ‘DJ’ and sample-based record, which was DJ Shadow’s ‘Endtroducing’.

In 1996, my father recorded an MTV News segment for me on VHS, and the segment had interview clips of DJs Q-Bert, Shadow, Josh Wink,and others, talking about every aspect of this amazing culture. I instantly became enamored with everything having to do with DJing and the hip-hop culture. It was a pivotal point for me where all I wanted was turntables and to learn how to scratch records and make music out of rhythm. I saw this as a way to fully express myself creatively.” —KDSML, via Melt Music Group

“DON’T SLEEP” is from KDSML’s 2016 LUNCHY EP.

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