“I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Linus Von Stumberg’s Instagram page. I follow various dancers and found myself weaving in and out of different pages watching beautiful dancers and then Linus appeared. I felt really connected to his emotion while he danced. Subtle. Strong. Aware. I direct messaged him on Instagram and wanted him to know that he was such a badass and that I want to support young artists like him. I didn’t know if there was a way we could work together, but we started having the conversation of a possible collaboration. I sent him some new songs, and we decided to shoot a video for my new single, ‘GOOD.’ I live in Nashville. He lives in Zurich, Switzerland. I bought a plane ticket with all of my miles and flew to Zurich for six days… I wanted Linus to have as much creative freedom as possible. Linus and the director of photography, Simon Walti, created a couple of concept videos together that were really moving, and I trusted that they could do it again with my song. So we decided to keep that team together and shoot our video. Linus found a billiards hall and we decided to make it resonate within the early 90’s vibe. The video falls in and out of reality with Linus in the hall by himself; but at times people are there, but only existing in his mind. I am the only one that stays present when everyone else disappears. The whole process felt so organic and it was extremely inspiring to watch a nineteen-year-old take the reins and create from within with no fear. I feel honored to have been able to work with him.” –Erin McCarley, via The Untitled Magazine

GOOD” was released by Erin McCarley in October of 2016. The music video for the track was directed by Linus von Stumberg.