“Writing ‘I’m Not’ helped me verbalize my experiences for the first time in a bigger way than talking through it with my therapist in the safe confines of her office. It made me think about the complex emotions I was feeling and distill them down into simpler, more streamlined ideas that would (hopefully) allow anyone—regardless of their familiarity with abuse and assault—to gain an understanding of how sexual trauma can affect people.

Releasing the song was another step forward. It meant speaking out publicly about my abuse and opening up to the world, something I couldn’t have imagined doing even a year ago. One of our goals in putting ‘I’m Not’ out was to provide that song for others and empower anyone who may have gone through similar circumstances, whatever that might mean for them.

Experiencing the aftermath of the release—having not only friends, but strangers confide in me that they’ve had similar experiences, or tell me I inspired them to open up about something they’d gone through, or say the song had helped them in some way—has been huge. It showed me that, with patience and a lot of bravery, it’s possible to make good things out of the bad, and that there will be a lot more people ready and waiting to catch you than you might think.” —Daddy Issues drummer Emily Maxwell, via Talkhouse

“I’m Not” is from Daddy Issues’s 2017 Infinity Cat release, Deep Dream.