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Hammock “Breathturn” Video

“People that like us are either in bands or are going to start bands, and that’s about it.” —Hammock’s Marc Byrd, via the Nashville Scene “Breathturn” by Hammock…

Savoy Motel “Sorry People” Video

“Savoy Motel is defined more by a feeling than a sound.” —Guitarist Dillon Watson “Sorry People” is from Savoy Motel’s self-titled LP, released in 2016 via What’s Your…

Natural Child “Firewater Liquor” Video

“Mixing barrelhouse rockers with tear-in-your-beer balladry in a delightfully druggy haze, Natural Child has fashioned ‘Wolves’ into a Flying Burrito Brothers record with the production of ‘Goats Head…

Savoy Motel “Souvenir Shop Rock” Video

“Souvenir Shop Rock” is from Savoy Motel’s 2016 self-titled LP. The music video for the track was directed by Dylan Carver.

Savoy Motel “Western Version Boogie” Video

“Savoy Motel recreate the sounds of the ’70s using the ’90s pastiche techniques of Beck, Ween and Royal Trux, compacting glam-rock, southern boogie, and Stax sax stabs into…

Andy Ferro “Hood” Video

“Hood” was released on Andy Ferro’s 2016 Muirhead tape. The music video for the track was directed by Yanira Vissepo.

Karen Elson “Call Your Name” Video

“[Fashion is] a really weird reality to have your worth based on how you appear. It’s not normal, and I understand that. I think that you have to…

The Ettes “Excuse” Video

“‘Excuse’ is just a direct call out to people who talk a big talk but don’t actually do anything, especially about their own problems or their own situations….

Teddy and The Rough Riders “Jamboree”

“Jamboree” was released in 2016 by Teddy and The Rough Riders.

Liz Cooper & The Stampede “Mountain Man” Video

This live performance of “Mountain Man” by Liz Cooper & The Stampede was recorded October 10, 2016 by Audio Tree.

Sturgill Simpson “Call To Arms” (Live on Saturday Night Live)

“It took me this long to get right here. [But] this isn’t all I want, this isn’t all I know my music [can do]… I know that there…

Daddy Issues “Mosquito Bite”

“I think for me, Daddy Issues helped turn me into the person I think I always should have been. It helped me identify as myself and someone who…

Phantom Farmer “Cross Town Kids” Video

The 2017 music video for Phantom Farmer’s “Cross Town Kids” was produced by Paradoxal and Elise Tyler, features cinematography by Dustin Lane, and was directed by Drew Bourdet.

Los Colognes “Unspoken” Video

Directed by Will Morgan Holland, the music video for “Unspoken” is in support of Los Colognes’s 2017 release, The Wave.

ELEL “40 Watt” Video

“I like a certain amount of randomness, meaning that so much today is so exact and perfect because we can do music on computers. I don’t think this…

Hammock “Clarity”

“This started with the baritone guitar in an alternate tuning and a beat. I also pulled out my old MXR orange phaser and just wanted to get a…

Yakutsk Rock City “Breathe”

Arise by Yakutsk Rock City “Breathe” is from Yakutsk Rock City‘s Arise EP, released in February of 2017 via Artists Without Publicists.

All Them Witches “Don’t Bring Me Coffee”

Sleeping Through The War by All Them Witches “Don’t Bring Me Coffee” is from Sleeping Through the War, released by All Them Witches in February of 2017 via…