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Lawndry “Versailles”

Tumble Dry by Lawndry “Versailles” is the lead track from Lawndry’s Tumble Dry EP, released in October of 2016 via Cold Lunch Records.

Bully “I Remember” Video

“Sometimes, I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I’m OK with putting this out’… I’m a lot more sensitive than I would like to be, but when I can…

Cheap Time “Another Time” Video

“As run and gun as it gets! Had about an hour and half to shoot the around the bar footage. Those guys had just arrived from a long…

Turbo Fruits “Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)” Video

“Get Up Get On Down” is from the Echo Kid LP, released in 2009 by Turbo Fruits via Fat Possum Records. The music video for the track was…

Hans Condor “Time, Rhyme or Reason” Video

“I had the idea for the video after a trip to the recycling center in East Nashville. It was right after that flood [in the spring of 2010]….

Crease Reader “Hour Glass”

Petti Sound Sessions by Crease Reader “Hour Glass” is from Crease Reader’s Petti Sound Sessions tape, recorded and mixed by Mark Petaccia from August 17 to 19, 2015…

DATENIGHT “One Last Time” Video

“One Last Time” is from DATENIGHT’s 5-track Datenight Does Dallas cassette.

Penicillin Baby “Stand On My Own”

Who Cares by Penicillin Baby “Stand On My Own” is from Penicillin Baby‘s 2017 Who Cares EP.

Ron Gallo “Kill the Medicine Man” Video

“I’ve never really been into drugs really much, but removing the social drinking aspect from my life and touring and stuff and how that led to this realization…

Ron Gallo “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” Video

“I think the common thread that ties together the whole record, ‘Heavy Meta’, is, sort of, just me being tired of you, and of myself, and everyone, and…


“The original idea was to have the video shot by our friend’s 14-year-old brother with his drone but it got too complicated and so we just filmed in…

Spodee Boy “Sterile World”

Sterile World by Spodee Boy “Sterile World” is from Spodee Boy’s six-track cassette of the same name, released in 2017 via Drop Medium.


PISSCOFFIN by PISSCOFFIN Recorded live to tape in March of 2017, “i” is the lead track from PISSCOFFIN’s self-titled EP.

Ron Gallo “Please Yourself” Video

“Thematically [‘Heavy Meta’] stems from frustration with humanity and myself that began about three years ago when most of these songs were written. For the first time, I…

DATENIGHT “Never Change”

Datenight Does Dallas by DATENIGHT “Never Change” is from DATENIGHT’s 5-track Datenight Does Dallas cassette.

Penicillin Baby: Taking It Slow

“It was a big blessing in disguise.” Early in 2012, six songs that had been recorded for Penicillin Baby‘s debut LP were mistakenly deleted. Someone got ahead of…

Identity Control

“The old me and the new me are in a fist fight!” As howled in PUJOL‘s “Manufactured Crisis Control,” the lyrics help paint an obvious scene of conflict,…

Penicillin Baby at The Basement

Photos taken at Penicillin Baby‘s May 10, 2014 performance at The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee.