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Biyo “Moments”

“Moments” was released by Biyo in April of 2017.

Jon Santana “Time Again”

“As a producer I like to make around 2-3 tracks a week in order to keep my library full for potential artists. ‘Time Again’ was a track I…

REMMI “Awake, Asleep” Video

“Art is about being inspired; if the art inspires others and makes them want to explore the world and be better people, it’s ridiculous to say it’s not…

PHANGS feat. R.LUM.R “Always Been U”

“R.LUM.R is the representation of everything I am at his point… Growing up, I was always made to be ashamed of myself about being who I wanted to…

Kevin Kendall

“I always half-assed doing something in those first seven years,” says Kevin Kendall, reflecting on his time in Nashville prior to relocating to South Western Mexico in 2014….

Whissell “Legs Crossed”

“’Legs Crossed’ is about empowering people in relationships to speak up when something is wrong. Communication is such a powerful tool, and we often forget to use it….

Super Duper “Don’t Worry”

Super Duper’s “Don’t Worry” was released on Sessions: Volume One in September of 2015 by Vitalic Noise.

ELEL “Animal”

“Animal” is from ELEL’s Geode LP, released in 2016 via Mom + Pop.

Party Trash “Night Flash” Video

“Night Flash” is from the 2011 Alone LP by Party Trash.

Blastoids “Show Me Around” Video

“Show Me Around” is from the 2011 Since Forever EP by Blastoids. The music video for the track was directed and produced by Charles Hareford.

Adam Settle “Infinite Feedback Loop”

Death Ambient by Adam Settle “Infinite Feedback Loop” was released by Adam Settle (ex-Float As The Ghost) on the Death Ambient EP in May of 2017.

Tayls “Pop Tart (Queer Boy, Small Town)”

“[The song is] about breaking out of a shell. It’s about me feeling like I wasn’t being very true to myself for a very long time. Like I…

Biyo “Focus” Video

Directed by JaCroix, the music video for “Focus” was released by Biyo (Grayson Proctor and Sam English) in March of 2017.

Mokita “Heaven”

“The initial inspiration of the song really just came from this idea that you could have everything in the world and even feel like you are in heaven,…

Natalie Madigan “Down For You”

“Down For You” was released on the State of Mind EP by Natalie Madigan in September of 2016.

SVRCINA “Deeper”

“When you’re so young and you start so young, you don’t really know yourself, and so I started transitioning as I got a little bit older, when I…

FJØRA “Blackout”

“Blackout” was released by FJØRA in November of 2016.

Erin McCarley “GOOD” Video

“I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Linus Von Stumberg’s Instagram page. I follow various dancers and found myself weaving in and out of different pages watching beautiful…