“It took me over 6 years to finish this new Canon Blue album. Looking back, it’s crazy to see how much I changed in parallel to the making of the record. The arc of my life evolved so distinctly that I feel like the person who started this album is almost the exact opposite of the person who finished it.

‘Beholden’ is the first song on the record and is symbolic in the way that it sets the stage of what’s to come. Life only moves in one direction, and you can either accept the reality and truth of your life, or you can live in denial in a futile fight against it. Self acceptance is the great work for us all.” —Canon Blue

“Beholden” is from Canon Blue’s 2017 Lasso Yo LP, released by Temporary Residence. Direction, screenwriting, filming, editing, set design for the video was done by Jouka Valkama.